The NBA champions Golden State Warriors are preparing for the new NBA season in Japan. The defending champions are looking to repeat and have a game scheduled in Japan against the Washington Wizards where Curry is expected to play. 

Stephen Curry had a tremendous season last year averaging 25 points per game during the regular season and bringing it home in the playoffs with 27 points per game.

While doing the media rounds in Japan the four-time NBA champion took the time to sumo wrestle legendary sumo wrestler Hakuho Sho. The results were excellent social media material.

Curry takes on Hakuho Sho in sumo photo op

Hakuho Sho comes in at around 350 pounds to Stephen Curry’s 185 pounds, the point guard tried everything he could to move Sho but the former 1,000 bout winner did not budge an inch.

Curry was all smiles as he said, “That’s all I got,” as both Sho and the 8-time All-Star shared a laugh and a hug. For Curry, at 34 this season could be an important year as he will look to surpass LeBron James in NBA rings and the Warriors have a squad ready for a repeat.