Talk about a world-class player with a winner mentality in basketball, only a few can be named. One of those players is Stephen Curry. He just won his first-ever Finals MVP award and at the same time he got his 4th NBA Championship with the Golden State Warriors. However, he still wants more for his successful career.

In fact, this season was huge in terms of individual awards for him. He’s got the NBA All-Star Game MVP, the first-ever Western Conference Finals MVP and the Bill Russell Finals MVP award he was waiting since he played for the first time in the NBA Finals.

Among other awards, Curry said after Thursday's game, this NBA title was special. This because all of the criticism the Warriors took for the last two seasons when the Dubs weren't doing so well. However, time puts everything in place so there he is with another ring to his almost full hand. 

Stephen Curry sets himself a new challenge for the future at the Warriors Parade

The Warriors Parade was a party in its full potential. For example, Stephen Curry arrived with his 3 rings slung around his neck, whereas Klay Thompson cruised on his boat while streaming live on Instagram. Afterwards, all the Warriors' team and coaching staff went up to the main stage set up.

The host of the evening called up Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry. When the host asked Curry about the Finals MVP award, he called out his coach Steve Kerr and at the same time he sent a message as what his next goal was as a 34-year old basketball player.

“I'm not good yet. 'Cause I’ve got to player for coach Kerr in 24, in Paris", Curry said about his next move in his basketball career. Meaning Stephen Curry is planning to play for Team USA in near future. "I'm gonna be there too, come with", Klay Thompson answered his teammate. So, Steve Kerr may bring in the Splash Brothers to Team USA. 

Exactly, in the 2014 World Cup, Stephen Curry played for the national basketball team for the last time. In fact, he withdrew from consideration for the 2016 Olympics in Brazil due an injury. So, if he's fully healthy and Kerr is still the coach, Curry may play in the 2024 Olympics in Paris.