In an impressive move on the NBA trade deadline in February, 2020, Andre Drummond left Detroit Pistons to play for Cleveland Cavaliers. That meant the center becoming one of the most important players of the franchise where LeBron James made his first steps. However, his future probably won't be in Cleveland anymore

According to multiple reports, the Cavs are looking to trade the center to another franchise while they are no longer playing him. Apparently both general manager Koby Altman and Jeff Schwartz, the center's agent, agreed to proceed with this. However, the situation turns difficult as the organization only have time until March 25, 2021, date of the trade deadline.

But aside from that, there's another factor that can be an issue for the Cavs when trying to find a place to trade him. The player's salary is according to his level and to the moment when he was at Detroit, so it's an expensive one. Anyone interested in the center must to be able to afford him. Check out which is Andre Drummond's contract.

Andre Drummond's contract

As Spotrac informs, Drummond has signed a 5-year deal with the Detroit Pistons in 2016 that guaranteed him $127 million and also included an annual average salary of $25 million for the center, according to this website. 

Moreover, the annual salary of the player increased as he evolved through every season and when the player moved to Cleveland Cavaliers this kept con changing. From the 2020/21 season on, Drummond started to earn a base salary of $28.7 million, which is the same amount for his cap hit, as Spotrac reports. 

Those figures would make it difficult for the Cavs to trade him, although there are teams that may afford it if they are interested in getting the center. Reports state that Toronto Raptors are the most likely candidate to make a move for him. But other franchises such as Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat and Boston Celtics would be interested in landing the main man on the market right now. In addition, Andre Drummond's contract expires at the end of the season. The center is leading Cleveland in rebounds per game with 13.5, while he averages 17.5 points per game and 2.6 assists.