The Carolina Panthers have selected who will be his 1st-overall pick. After a lot of rumors, the NFC South squad has chosen the best prospect of the 2023 NFL Draft class and they will meet with him to share what they have prepared for his arrival.

Frank Reich signed with the Panthers to be their head coach for the 2023 NFL season. He has requested to the team's front office to add multiple players, building what seems to be a very competitive squad.

This 2023 Draft class has a lot of talented players to choose from. Carolina holds the 1st-overall pick, and there are a lot of doubts about who they will choose, but their latest move could clear up those questions.

Panthers schedule a meeting with their soon-to-be 1st-overall pick

The Carolina Panthers are now on the clock... but not or too long. After trading with the Chicago Bears for the 1st-overall pick, the NFC South squad has worked on searching who's the best prospect, but it seems like they already know it.

It is obvious that the Panthers traded up to select a quarterback. They have been looking for a player for the position since Cam Newton left, with failed attempts such as Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold.

Now, the Panthers will meet with who seems to be their next quarterback. According to NFL Insider Ian Rapoport, Carolina will host Bryce Young this week to have a second talk with the former Heisman Trophy winner.

Young will visit other teams, but the Panthers hold the 1st-overall pick and it seems like they will get him before the other squads. They have high hopes on the former Alabama player to finally succeed and compete in the NFC.