After the loss to the Saints 28-13 a small incident occurred that was captured by a few photographers but hardly anyone has reported on the incident. As soon as the game ended, quarterbacks Winston and Jones greeted each other as QBs often do after a game.

But there was a moment that Mac Jones wanted to say hello and talk to other Saints players and that action was stopped by Bill Belichick, he grabbed Jones by the throwing hand so that he would not greet anyone else from the Saints.

For some it might be silly, but the team's head coach preventing the quarterback from talking to rival players is alarming. Belichick may be trying to isolate Jones from all contact to make him adapt more quickly to the Patriots' system, but at the same time that behavior could cause irreparable damage.

Very little is known about this situation, but after three weeks the record is not good for the New England Patriots with a single win and two losses. This season’s future looks negative like the previous one in 2020.


Mac Jones: Quarterback stats so far

In Week 1, Mac Jones had a good game against the Miami Dolphins that ended in a loss with 29/39 passes completed for 74.36%, 281 pass yards, 1 touchdown with no interceptions. Later in Week 2 he won against the New York Jets 25-6 with 22/30 passes completed for 73.33%, 186 yards, with no passing touchdowns or interceptions.

Week 3 was not so bad for Jones, he was below the average of 70% passes completed with 58.82% but with a total of 270 pass yards. The downside to that game with the Saints for Jones was three interceptions and a single touchdown.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers is the next rival of the New England Patriots in Week 4, that game will be epic with the return of Tom Brady to Gillette Stadium. Then they play the Houston Texans on the road and the Cowboys at home.