There are multiple teams that will be looking for a quarterback in the 2023 NFL Draft next week. Las Vegas Raiders are one of the franchises without a long-term solution at the most important position, but they have a proven veteran like Jimmy Garoppolo on the roster.

Though he wasn’t confirmed as the starter based on what Dave Ziegler said about him. The general manager is starting his second season in the team, having already made a big decision earlier in the year. Moving on from Derek Carr was definitely meaningful after the QB played there for nine seasons.

They had a hole to fill, and they chose a player very well-known by head coach Josh McDaniels. Signing Garoppolo seemed like a perfect match given the familiarity they have from their time in the New England Patriots. But now his starting spot might not be completely granted.

Dave Ziegler doesn’t grant a starting job for Garoppolo

Las Vegas went for a quarterback they can win games with as a bridge option while they find their future signal-caller. Although it wasn’t a cheap pick up because Garoppolo signed a three-year deal worth 72.75 million dollars.

Despite the structure gives the team flexibility to get out of it without major problems, his 16.300.000 cap hit is the third highest for them this season. Everything points to Garoppolo being the QB1 in 2023, so it was curious what Ziegler said regarding the veteran as the Raiders’ top choice.

I think we’re open to have a competition at quarterback and every other position. Josh and I believe that the way we’re going to build this roster is with any opportunity that we have a chance to improve the competition. We think that brings out the best of our players. Anytime you find a young player that’s going to have an impact on your team, you have to keep an open mind to that”, he commented, according to Coral Smith of NFL Network.

“We’re excited to have Jimmy. And having Jimmy does supply us with a very high-quality starting player on the position, so we feel comfortable with that. There’s obviously an advantage of having a quarterback on a rookie contract in terms of roster construction and those types of things. I think just closing that door, it’s irresponsible to do that”, Ziegler explained.