There's no doubt that Joe Montana is a true San Francisco 49ers legend. He gave the NFC West team four Super Bowls, but now a former player who got the Vince Lombardi trophy with them has selected Tom Brady as the real 'GOAT' in NFL history.

San Francisco lived a golden era with Joe Montana. The quarterback gave them four Super Bowl titles before leaving the Bay in 1993 as probably the biggest legend in their history.

Seven years later, Tom Brady entered the league as an underdog. He proved everyone wrong and managed to win six Super Bowl rings with the Patriots and one more with the Buccaneers, which made him part of the 'GOAT' conversation alongside Montana.

Deion Sanders changes his mind and calls Tom Brady the 'GOAT' over Joe Montana

During the 80's, Joe Montana completely dominated the NFL with the San Francisco 49ers. He arrived to the Super Bowl in four different occasions and didn't lose any of them.

All the 49ers fans are thankful for what Montana did for them and also former San Francisco's players recognize his greatness, but now Deion Sanders has changed his mind on who's the real NFL 'GOAT'.

The former defensive back arrived to the Bay one year after Joe Montana's departure to the Chiefs. He won a Super Bowl with the 49ers, and his love for the organization is immense. However, despite having played for the team, he does not see their legendary quarterback as the best player of all time.

When asked about who he thinks is the greatest player in NFL history, Deion revealed he changed his mind recently. The defensive back selected Tom Brady over Joe Montana for one main reason: his titles.

"I’ve never heard anybody, a player, say anything negative about how he attacked the game," Sanders said to NBC Sports' Peter King about Brady. "He’s a winner. He’s a darn winner. Once upon a time for me it was Montana. It was Joe. Shoot, it was Joe. But Brady with the Super Bowl wins eclipsed that.

"Just the will that he had. The will. The way. What he brought to the game. And his fire and his passion."