The National Football League has become a quarterback's league nowadays. So, regardless of how good your defense and running game are, you need to have a solid quarterback to be considered a legit Super Bowl contender.

We've seen teams like the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts constantly fall short of their goal because of that. And the New York Jets were one quarterback away from being a playoff team this season.

So, now that most of the teams are already looking forward and planning ahead to next season, we expect them to make a run at some veteran gunslingers. With that in mind, let's talk about 3 veteran QBs who might switch sides.

NFL Rumors: 3 Veteran QBs Who Might Change Teams Next Season

3. Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers has kept the Green Bay Packers hostage for way too long now. It's always the same drama and narrative with him, and the team might be done with his temper tantrums already.

While he's one of the most talented QBs ever, the Packers might be overdue for a rebuild. If he's not happy there — which he isn't — then it would be better for everybody involved to work out a trade.

2. Tom Brady

The question isn't whether Tom Brady will be back with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or not, because he won't. The question is whether Brady will retire again or if he'll try and run it back for at least another season.

Brady wasn't at his best for most of the year, but he's still perhaps the greatest player this beautiful sport has ever seen. There should be no shortage of teams knocking on his door if he doesn't retire.

1. Lamar Jackson

The Baltimore Ravens will likely apply the exclusive franchise tag on Lamar Jackson, which would make him arouNd $45 million. However, it's highly likely that Jackson threatens to hold out and refuses to play under the franchise tag.

Jackson has already turned out some massive deals from the Ravens, so it kinda feels personal at this point. He pretty much controls his destiny right now, and multiple teams are keeping tabs on his situation.