The fact that Lamar Jackson can't get the deal he wants explains how much of a ruthless business the NFL is. The Baltimore Ravens continue to lowball and disrespect him, so there's no wonder why he wants out.

Jackson recently revealed that he formally requested a trade at the start of the month, yet the team has refused to meet his demands. Even so, it seems like their relationship has reached a breaking point.

Lamar Jackson may have taken his final snap with his team already. So, with him actively pursuing a trade away from the Baltimore Ravens, let's take a look at the likeliest destinations for the former MVP.

NFL Rumors: 3 Potential Landing Spots For Lamar Jackson

3. New York Jets

The New York Jets haven't been able to strike a deal for Aaron Rodgers. They cannot afford to keep waiting, and Jackson is quite younger than the former Super Bowl champion, who might retire after one or two years.

Even if they don't seriously pursue him, the Jets could bluff by trying to acquire Jackson just to get some leverage in their trade talks with the Green Bay Packers, getting them to lower their asking price.

2. Washington Commanders 

Even though Ron Rivera claims he's happy with Sam Howell, the Washington Commanders desperately crave a guy like Lamar Jackson. He might be the only player who could take that dying franchise from the ground.

The Commanders haven't had a good quarterback since Robert Griffin III, and we all know how that ended, so Jackson might not be thrilled with the idea of staying in Maryland, but he's the kind of player they need.

1. Atlanta Falcons

Even before he made his debut, it was more than clear that Desmond Ridder wasn't an NFL-caliber player, at least not as a starter. The Atlanta Falcons need answers at the QB position, and there's no one better available.

Jackson has thrived with Mark Andrews, so we can only wonder what he would do with a physical specimen like Kyle Pitts. The NFC South is up for grabs, and adding Jackson would make them instant contenders.