After Tom Brady left the Boston, the Patriots searched for a new quarterback to take control of the offense. Now, it seems like Bailey Zappe could get a chance in Week 5, so here is all the information you need to know about the age, couple, contract, jersey and net worth of New England's quarterback.

There is no doubt that Tom Brady left a huge space to fill in Massachusetts. But everything must come to an end and he passed the offense to a new generation of quarterbacks: Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe.

But unfortunately for Mac Jones, he got severely injured in the beginning of the 2022 NFL season. That's why everything is set for Bailey Zappe to take control of the team in Week 5 against the Detroit Lions, so here is more information about him.

How old is Bailey Zappe?

Born in Vicrtoria, Texas, in April 16 of 1999, Bailey Zappe is 23-years-old. He was selected in the 2022 NFL Draft with the 137th overall pick (4th round), so he is in his rookie campaign.

Who is Bailey Zappe's girlfriend?

Bailey Zappe has a girlfriend called Hannah Lewis. They both met five years ago in college and they have been together since then. She is very supportive with his career and she tries to be at every game he is called for.

What's Bailey Zappe's contract with the Patriots?

As said before, Bailey Zappe just entered the NFL, so he is in his rookie season. According to Over the Cap, his contract has a total value of little more than $4 million.

What jersey number does Bailey Zappe has?

It is weirs to see other number than the legendary 12 in Patriots' backfield, but a new era has started. Bailey Zappe took the jersey number 4 and he wants to also become a huge star such as Tom Brady was.

What's Bailey Zappe's net worth?

Bailey Zappe is just becoming a professional football player, so he is starting to build his financies. Qith his rookie contract, the quarterback's net worth is of almos $4 and a half million.