It spread like wildfire: Tom Brady's temporary absence from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' preseason practices spread quickly. A guy as competitive as the legendary NFL quarterback doesn't get out of action that easily. 

Just turned 45, the seven-time Super Bowl winner is on the cusp of what could be his last big dance in the NFL. In fact, his mini-retirement, which lasted only 40 days, was the first warning that his talent on the field should be appreciated as much as possible because he may soon be gone. 

That's why it was striking that Tom Brady has chosen to miss his probable last preseason, citing personal issues. However, the atmosphere within the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is so serene that it is surprising. As evidenced by Bucs linebacker Devin White's surprising reaction to TB12's absence.

Devin White respects Brady's decision to sit out Tampa Bay practice

Tom Brady will not be with the Buccaneers for their first two preseason games, against the Miami Dolphins and Tennessee Titans. After that time, perhaps ten days, he is expected to return to practice for the NFL season opener in early September. 

As for his absence, Tampa Bay is surprisingly calm. This was Devin White's reaction to Brady's absence according to The Athletic's Greg Auman: “Tom Brady is a grown man, growner than a lot of us in the locker room. He’s a human. At the end of the day, he’s got personal problems going on, but he’s been doing this so long, he doesn’t need to be here.”

While he may not be going through great times on a personal level, Tom Brady can rest assured that he has the full support of both Tampa Bay and his teammates. A key aspect for him to detonate the many weapons the Bucs possess on offense.