Cam Newton's career took a huge downhill slope after becoming the NFL MVP of the 2015 season. After failing to win the Super Bowl on that campaign with the Carolina Panthers, his level was never the same again. Being far away from those days when he was recognized as one of the greatest quarterbacks in the league, he landed at the New England Patriots following Tom Brady's exit. 

That move seemed like a good opportunity for both parties. It meant a second chance for Newton to get back to his best form and if he accomplished it, the Pats would see the benefits of recovering a former MVP. Still, things didn't go as expected for none of them.

Cam didn't show the expected improvement and failed to become the franchise QB that many fans have desired. The Patriots didn't get into the playoffs for the first time after 12 years as Newton just completed 8 TD passes in the season. Still, after he became a free agent, the franchise from Foxborough decided to bring him back.

The funny memes and reactions to Cam returning to New England

After the quarterback's contract was over and he entered into the free agency, there were were a lot of gossips regarding the possible new signal-caller for Bill Belichik's team. However, it was announced that Cam Newton would be returning to the Patriots for one more season

The rumors that linked Jimmy Garoppolo, Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson, among others, to carry the Pats offense seem to vanish with Newton signing another one-year deal estimated to be worth $5 million plus $9million in incentives. People reacted immediately to the news on social media with funny memes.

After a season that didn't go well, Cam Newton will have another shot at a franchise that seek recovery. Both sides still need to bounce back and get back to glory days. This one may be the last chance for Cam to prove if he's up for the challenge or not.