The first week of the 2022 NFL regular season was a bust for the Dallas Cowboys, they lost to Tom Brady and the Buccaneers 3-19 at home. The worst thing was that during that loss their starting QB Dak Prescott suffered a hand injury.

But the Cowboys did not fall into despair after the bad Week 1 news with Prescott, they looked for Rush, a backup quarterback who had already known the Cowboys system since 2017.

Mike McCarthy never doubted Rush, he knew that the decision to put Cooper as a starter was the best since the other option on the roster was Will Grier but he barely knows the Cowboys.

Why could Cooper Rush end the Cowboys' playoff curse?

Cooper Rush is young but he is studying the Cowboys system since 2017, besides he is the only Cowboys quarterback who has won his first five starts (Week 2 in 2021, and from Week 2 to Week 5 in 2022), no other quarterback has done in the 62 years of the franchise's existence.

Another reason Cooper Rush is perfect for making it to the NFC Championship is that his stats are similar to Dak Prescott's during his first starts with the Cowboys. In 2016 Prescott's record was 13-3 but he lost during the divisional round against the Packers.

So far Cooper Rush is on track at 4-0 overall in the 2022 NFL Season, the Cowboys' schedule for the remainder of the season is relatively easy with the exception of games against the Eagles, Titans and Colts.