The 2023 NFL season hasn’t been kind to the New York Jets. After Aaron Rodgersinjury in Week 1, the quarterback has now announced when he will return to play for the AFC East team.

During Week 1 against the Buffalo Bills, Aaron Rodgers endured a painful torn Achilles injury. He could only participate in three plays before leaving the game—a turn of events that certainly wasn’t what the Jets had anticipated.

Despite initial beliefs in New York that the injury would sideline Rodgers for the year, he’s worked really hard toward regaining his health to potentially play this same season. Now, the quarterback has revealed whether he will make a return soon.

Aaron Rodgers gets real on his chances of returning this year

The Jets have not had a great season. Even though there were high expectations on what the team could do this year, it seems like Aaron Rodgers’ injury blew those hopes away immediately.

Zach Wilson, initially slated as Rodgers’ replacement, has been benched. Presently, Tim Boyle has taken over as the starting quarterback. However, New York has struggled to find success with either of these players, desperately waiting for Rodgers to return.

Despite the veteran quarterback expressing multiple times his desire to return this season, the Jets’ recent performance might dissuade him from that idea. Now, it seems like he might wait until next year to play for New York again.

During an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday, Rodgers addressed his recovery. The quarterback expressed his desire to return but emphasized that it hinges on the Jets’ ability to maintain their playoff aspirations.

As of Week 12, the Jets have a disappointing 4-7 record. In terms of the playoff race, they’re distant from securing a spot in the next round, with the Browns, Colts, and Steelers currently occupying the AFC Wild Card positions.

The Jets’ upcoming opponents in the remaining regular season include the Falcons, Texans, Dolphins, Commanders, Browns, and Patriots. They essentially need to achieve perfection in these games to secure the maximum wins and sustain their playoff hopes until the season’s end.

Will Aaron Rodgers play for the Jets in 2024?

Aaron Rodgers is under contract with the New York Jets until 2026. The quarterback wants to continue playing for the AFC East team next year. His decision could be significantly influenced by this injury, as he has revealed that he doesn’t want to conclude his career in this manner.

Even if the Jets don’t make it to the playoffs this year, Rodgers intends to continue playing for them in 2024. The quarterback has pledged to assist his new team in achieving success, indicating that retirement is not currently a consideration for him.

SURVEY Should Aaron Rodgers return to play this year?

Should Aaron Rodgers return to play this year?