With 12 NFL starts for the Green Bay Packers, Jordan Love’s numbers, despite his youth, suggest he’s on the path to follow in the footsteps of Aaron Rodgers. Will he attain the same greatness as the veteran quarterback?

In the 2020 NFL Draft, the Packers decided to select Jordan Love with the 26th overall pick. He arrived to be Aaron Rodgers’ backup, trying to learn everything from the Super Bowl XLV champion.

Love was slated to start only one game during his rookie season. However, with Rodgers departing Green Bay for the 2022 campaign, Jordan has held the starting quarterback position since then, sparking high expectations for his future.

Jordan Love’s impressive stats in his 12 NFL starts

The Packers may have discovered yet another remarkable quarterback. Three years ago, Green Bay enlisted Jordan Love to their roster to absorb knowledge from Aaron Rodgers, uncertain of his future with the team.

Three years later, this decision proved its worth. In the offseason, the Packers reached an agreement with the New York Jets to trade Rodgers. Consequently, Jordan Love stepped into the void, securing the role of the team’s starter.

Despite the Packers holding a losing record (5-6) as of Week 12, Love’s statistics are remarkably impressive. Incorporating his lone start in 2020, the former Utah State quarterback boasts numbers strikingly similar to Aaron Rodgers’ early NFL performances.

Here’s how Jordan Love and Aaron Rodgers performed in their first 12 NFL starts:

Aaron RodgersJordan Love
Passing yards2,8972,879
Passing touchdowns2020
Completion %64%60%
QB Rating91.286.84

Will the Packers make it to playoffs this year?

Despite the Packers’ 5-6 record, there remains a glimmer of hope. Clinching the NFC North title seems an improbable feat, making the Wild Card route their most plausible path.

As of today, the Cowboys, Vikings, and Seahawks have stronger positions than the Packers for securing a Wild Card spot. Nevertheless, Green Bay remains on the cusp, eagerly waiting for one of those teams to stumble and create an opportunity for them.

SURVEY Will Jordan Love be as good as Aaron Rodgers?

Will Jordan Love be as good as Aaron Rodgers?