Justin Tucker of the Baltimore Ravens never thought that he’d make history in Week 3 of the NFL, but he did when he struck the longest field goal in NFL history. The Ravens went on to win their second in a row 19-17 defeating the Detroit Lions.

For Tucker it was yet another record in a long list of accolades to go along with his 10-year NFL career in Baltimore. The field goal went 66 yards, the most in league history and is the second time Tucker hit a field goal that went over 60 yards against the Lions. After the game Tucker chuckled and said, "Man, I love Detroit. I'm thinking about getting a place here."

With his team down by one point Tucker stepped up and knowing that the distance was long adjusted his normal routine and kicked the ball with more aggression, by doing a kind of soccer penalty kick run up and kicked the ball for 66 yards.

Justin Tucker NFL records

"It's something I've actually started doing within the last year," Tucker said of his record-breaking kick. "As I'm becoming more and more of a dinosaur in this league at 31 years old, I've got to do every little thing I can to get the ball to go just a little bit farther." Dinosaur or not Justin Tucker entered the record books yet again in the NFL.

To go along with kicking the longest field goal in NFL history Tucker has also scored the most field goals as a Raven in a single season at 38, two times in 2013 and 2016. He scored the most points in a season, 141, four times in 2016- 2019.

To say that the Detroit Lions have not been victims to Justin Tucker is an understatement, he scored the most field goals in a single game against them, 6, in 2013. In regard to the NFL Tucker is the most accurate kicker in NFL history with minimum 100 attempts. He has the most seasons with 30 field goals made, 6, now Tucker can add the longest field goal in history, of course, but add to it that it was the longest field goal in a dome stadium as well. Tucker was also the fastest kicker to 1,000 points in NFL History (2019).

Tucker is ahead of Matt Prater (64), Brett Maher along with Sebastian Janikowski of the Raiders in 2011, Graham Gano, Jason Elam, Tom Dempsey, and David Akers with 63 yards for longest field goal in NFL history.