The Green Bay Packers were on everybody's mouths during the NFL offseason. Insiders and fans discussed Aaron Rodgers' situation on a daily basis, and no one knew for sure what was going to happen with that.

Rodgers and the teams eventually make amends to run it back for at least another season. Needless to say, that once again made them one of the clear-cut favorites to make it to the Super Bowl.

Instead, the Packers were completely humbled in Week 1, losing 38-3 to the New Orleans Saints in one of Rodgers' all-time worst performances. And even though it's just Week 1, some are worried about how his situation might be a distraction for the team.

Packers News: Matt LaFleur Says Aaron Rodgers' Offseason Drama Didn't Affect The Team

Nonetheless, Packers coach Matt LaFleur doesn't think that Rodgers' offseason drama will take a toll on the team, claiming that they were beaten fair and square by the Saints and that there wasn't anything else to read into it:

(Transcript via Mike Florio of NBC Sports' ProFootballTalk)

“There’s a national media site that just before you got in her published a story saying that Rodgers’s uncertain status might have impacted things yesterday,” the reporter said, before asking LaFleur whether there’s anything to that.

“No, I think this team’s focused on now,” LaFleur replied. “And unfortunately, sometimes in this league you get humbled. And certainly we got humbled. Like I said, it’s about how we respond to that. How we come back to work. How we stay together. And get ready to play against a team I know is gonna be really hungry coming in here.”

That's just classic coach talk right there. Even if Rodgers' situation did affect the team, he's not going to stir the pot by admitting it. Hopefully, they'll be able to turn the page quickly and this doesn't become a season-long story.



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