The 2022 NFL season is about to begin and the players have reported to the training camps to prepare as best as possible for the upcoming campaign. One team to look for is, undoubtedly, the Denver Broncos. The Colorado squad signed Russell Wilson to be their quarterback, but now the 33 years-old will lose a valuable target to throw to.

The quarterback topic has been a real struggle for the Denver Broncos in recent years. That's why the new owners decided to go for a big fish and hire Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks. It was not an easy or cheap trade, but the ones from the AFC West have now, apparently, the missing piece to return to a Super Bowl.

But of course, not everything is about a quarterbck. Despite being an important part of the offense, he needs some trustworthy targets. The Broncos do have those weapons available for Wilson, but now he has lost a member of that team during the training camp and he will probably be out for the whole season.

Tim Patrick suffered a torn ACL that will keep him out of the 2022 NFL season

Tim Patrick, Broncos' wide-receiver, suffered a torn ACL in Tuesday's training session. The player, according to the reports, made an acrobatic catch and when he landed he came down awkwardly.

Afterwards, he went through an MRI and it was revealed the season-ending torn ACL. Unfortunately, he was not the only one as running-back Damarea Crockett also suffered the same injury on the same day.

The 2022 season was supposed to be the first for Tim Patrick under his new contract. He was able to sign with the Broncos after he landed in Denver as an undrafted player, but now he will have to recover and play until 2023.