Being sacked is certainly a negative event for a quarterback in the NFL, as it can disrupt the offense’s rhythm, put the quarterback at risk of injury, and potentially lead to a turnover. However, it is not necessarily the worst thing that can happen to a quarterback.

Sacks can have a significant negative impact on a quarterback’s performance and the overall success of the offense. But during the 2023 season, some quarterbacks who have been sacked multiple times are enjoying a winning record, such as Jalen Hurts, who has been sacked 32 times and the Eagles have a winning record of 10-2 overall.

The more sacks a quarterback takes, the more pressure they will feel from the defense, which can lead to mistakes. It is necessary for quarterbacks to be mentally and physically prepared for sacks.

Most sacked quarterbacks enterings Week 14

It’s not hard to guess who is leading the list of the top 10 most sacked quarterbacks entering Week 14. Most of them have weaknesses on their offensive lines, which lead to sacks. First on the list is Sam Howell of the Washington Commanders with 58 sacks.

The second is rookie Bryce Young with 44 sacks. This season, the Carolina Panthers are a disaster compared to previous years. No other quarterback has more than 50 sacks.

Teams that want to avoid sacks must work on having a solid offensive line since that is the first line of defense against sacks. Investing in talented and experienced offensive linemen is essential for providing adequate protection for the quarterback.

Some quarterbacks are slow with the ball in hand, quarterbacks who can consistently get rid of the ball within two to three seconds are less likely to be pressured or tackled behind the line of scrimmage.

How does the strength of an offensive line impact the number of sacks?

Offensive linemen are responsible for blocking defenders and creating time for the quarterback to throw the ball. When an offensive line is strong and effective, the quarterback has more time to make decisions and complete passes, reducing the likelihood of sacks.

What are some strategies that quarterbacks can use to avoid sacks?

Quarterbacks also play a significant role in preventing sacks by making quick decisions, using their mobility, and understanding the defensive pressure. Mobile quarterbacks can buy time for their receivers to get open or extend plays for potential gains by scrambling out of pressure.