Ryan Fitzpatrick is on the move once again. The 38-year-old signal-caller has signed a contract with the Washington Football Team on a one-year deal worth $10 million plus incentives. This will be the ninth franchise of his particular career in the NFL.

Over the years, 'FitzMagic' has gained the appreciation of the fans, who are going to see him play his 17th season since being selected in the 2005 NFL Draft. Without being a big name like other quarterbacks in the league, people began to grow fond for the veteran, who earned respect despite not having a career with many winning records.

Looking at Fitz's age may be enough to tell how experienced he is, but the number of teams he has played for speaks even more about that. He holds the record of being the only QB in NFL history to start for eight different teams, and the only one to throw a touchdown pass with that same amount as well. Here, find out which teams Ryan Fitzpatrick has played for. 

. St. Louis / Los Angeles Rams (2005-2006)

Fitz on his rookie season with the Rams (Getty).

The Rams were the first destination for Fitzpatrick in what turned out to be an incredibly long journey. He was a seventh round pick, being the last quarterback selected from that draft. After fighting for the third QB spot, Fitz later had the opportunity to make his NFL debut, which was quite impressive. He led the Rams to a comeback win that day as he threw more than 300 yards and three touchdown passes. However, his performances declined thereafter, and in 2006 he only played on the final game of the season. 

. Cincinnati Bengals (2007-2008)

No beard yet for Fitz in Cincinnati (Getty).

On 2007, Fitz was traded to the Bengals, but he barely saw the field that year. The next season, he signed another deal with Cincinnati and had more playing time due to Carson Palmer's injuries. He became one of the quarterback leading rushers in the league before moving for the third time in his short career at that time. 

. Buffalo Bills (2009-2012)

He gained the nickname 'FitzMagic' at Buffalo (Getty).

Fitzpatrick signed with the Bills on a three-year contract in 2009, and he was named the starting QB later that season. His team struggled that year as they finished with a 6-10 record, while the former Harvard player threw 1,422 yards, recorded nine touchdowns and threw ten interceptions. Buffalo did even worse in 2010, as they finished 4-12, but it wasn't such a bad season for Fitz. He threw more than 3,000 yards and scored at least one touchdown for 13 straight games. The QB continued for two more years with the Bills, until he was released before the 2013 campaign.

. Tennessee Titans (2013)

Fitz spell at Tennessee didn't work out well (Getty).

He landed to Tennessee with a backup role at first, until Jake Locker's injury let him get playing minutes. Fitz started in nine games, with a record of 3-6, and completed 2,454 yards with 14 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. His two-year contract was over after the first season, as the Titans released him in 2014.

. Houston Texans (2014)

Fitzpatrick spent only a year at Houston (Getty).

Fitz moved for the fifth time when he signed for Houston, where he was named the starting quarterback. Shortly after losing the role in 2014 season, he returned to the team as Ryan Mallet, who replaced him before, got hurt. However, on December Fitzpatrick got injured as well, and that finished his season. He recorded 2,483 passing yards, 17 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. 

. New York Jets (2015-2016)

The veteran QB had his best season ever with the Jets (Getty).

The Texans traded the quarterback to the Jets, the third team in three years for Fitz, and the sixth since he stepped into the NFL. 2015 was the best season in his career. Not only he got the opportunity to start the 16 games, but he also achieved his best records in a single year, with 3,905 passing yards, 31 touchdowns and 15 interceptions in a season where the Jets finished 10-6, almost reaching the playoffs. On 2016, his level decreased and the Jets struggled to hold onto a starting QB. 

. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2017-2018)

At Tampa Bay, Fitz had impressive performances replacing Winston (Getty).

Already being a 34-year-old veteran, Fitz was released by the Jets after throwing more interceptions than touchdowns in a poor campaign, but the Buccaneers signed him to be the backup to Jameis Winston. The first pick from the NFL Draft 2015 had to be replaced a number of times, though, and the experienced replacement did a good job with 1,103 yards, eight TD and just three interceptions, which earned him a contract extension for one more year. On 2018, he started the first three games with an impressive level which recalled the nickname 'FitzMagic' from his time at Buffalo, and he alternated the starting role with Winston.

. Miami Dolphins (2019-2020)

Dolphins' FitzMagic became more beloved by fans (Getty).

Even though many would have thought that Miami was probably his final destination, it didn't turn out that way. Fitz became a bigger cult hero with his time with the Dolphins, were he struggled at the beginning, losing the starting role to Josh Rosen but winning it back at the end of 2019.

It was a difficult season, where the Fins were expecting for a transition year under new coach Brian Flores and a young roster, but there were some memorable games such as the win at New England in the season finale. Despite his age and that speed wasn't his strength, he led the team in rushing yards.

On 2020, even though the Dolphins drafted Tua Tagovaloia, Fitz was named the starter once again. He performed well as he led the team to important wins at the beginning of the season, but Flores decided to bring in Tua. The former University of Alabama signal-caller had a good start in his rookie season, but when he started to struggle, 'FitzMagic' came in to prove his experience and talent.

After entering to free agency, Ryan Fitzpatrick is no longer in the search of a new franchise as Washington, the ninth team in his career, signed him to mentor Taylor Heinicke. The NFL will have at least one more year of FitzMagic, the veteran gunslinger who became sort of a cult hero for the fans after a long journey playing football.