Tom Brady isn't just one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time or one of the best players in NFL history. He's also a pretty laid-back guy with a great sense for having fun, as you may have noticed during his latest Super Bowl celebration.

Brady has had plenty of memorable moments in the gridiron that have led to other great times outside of it. I mean, he's won the Vince Lombardi trophy seven times, which translates to a lot of champagne and tequila.

Recently, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback shared one of his wildest stories, reminiscing about the time he partied with Snoop Dogg in Atlanta after winning Super Bowl LIII.

Tom Brady Spills The Tea On His Secret Party With Snoop Dogg And His Son

(Transcript via Daily Mail)

'And I actually have a funny story. So after the game that we won in Atlanta against the Rams, Snoop was there. And, I brought my son, my son was 11 at the time, the after party and the game ended pretty late,' he said referencing his son Jack, now 14, with his ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan, 50.

'So it was midnight. It was in our hotel. So we had this little special spot on the stage. Well, Snoop had a pole up and there was some girls, they were clothed. But at the same time, there was a pole and my son, he had his eyes open and he was listening to music. And I said, ''Jack, cover your eyes.'' And he goes, ''Dad, I'm good. I'm good.'' So it's two in the morning. And we are having the time of our life and ''I'm like, holy cow. If he tells his mother, I ain't going to see this kid for a long time'',' Tom said.

'I'm telling you, it was one of the best moments of my life. We still talk about it, too. I say ''Jack,'' and he goes, ''Dad, I'm good. All right, I'm good'',' Tom said.

Well, everybody has different ways to bond with his old man, and even if his ex-girlfriend won't be too pleased to hear about this story, I'm pretty sure little Jack had a night he won't ever forget about.