The Super Bowl is the NFL’s biggest event, watched by over 100 million people in the United States and 500 million worldwide, it is one of the premier events in all of sports. Great players like Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Cooper Kupp, and Jerry Rice have all been named as the Super Bowl MVP.

In regard to teams the Dallas Cowboys lead the total number of players from their teams that have been Super Bowl MVP with 7, The Pittsburg Steelers with 6, along with the Patriots with 6, followed by the 49ers with 5.

It is in one stat that the Cowboy’s 7 stand out, is that one of their players was named as MVP on the losing side! Here is the only Super Bowl MVP to be the loser in the big game.

Chuck Howley is the only Super Bowl MVP on the losing side

In Super Bowl V, Chuck Howley, a linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys was named MVP of the big game but the Cowboys were defeated 16-13 by the Baltimore Colts. Howley intercepted two passes and forced a fumble on his way to his individual honor.

Howley played 14 seasons for the Dallas Cowboys, winning one Super Bowl, and being inducted into the team’s Ring of Honor.