Being named Most Valuable Player is something not many athletes have been able to accomplish, especially in such a difficult sport like football. NFL rosters are stacked with talent and it's never easy to stand out from the rest of the pack, considering you're competing against the best athletes in the world. Also, keeping up an MVP-caliber effort throughout a four+ month season is unsustainable and unthinkable even for most stars. That's why just a handful of players are always near the top of the MVP ladder.

2020 wasn't the exception to that rule. There were playing posting MVP-kind of numbers but his team wasn't getting the job done, like Deshaun Watson. Other players started off with an MVP-campaign and then fell off, like Russell Wilson, and those who put up incredible numbers and led their teams to the playoffs, like the winner, Aaron Rodgers.

Next season is most likely going to be quite similar. There are some rising stars in the league looking to get their first MVP but you can never count out the veteran stars. That's why today, we'll let you know about the top-5 candidates to win the award in 2021.

Who'll Win The 2021 NFL MVP? Top 5 Candidates

According to oddsmakers, Patrick Mahomes is the most likely candidate to be the MVP with +500 odds, followed closely by reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers at +800 odds. Then, we find Josh Allen and Russell Wilson with +1300 odds.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is the fact that Matthew Stafford - who was recently traded to the Los Angeles Rams - is next in line with +1500 odds, even ahead of reigning Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady (+1600).

At the end of the day, it's almost impossible to predict who's going to have a breakout year next season and many things could still happen, but if you have a buck to spare, now is the time to take a leap of faith.