Argentinean fans are one of a kind. While the country has won worldwide recognition for producing the likes of Diego Maradona or Lionel Messi, Argentina have also forged a reputation for having the most passionate, crazy, and loyal fans on Earth.

Anyone who watches the Argentine league, or at least has an idea of what Argentina means in world soccer, already knows how they are. But those who didn’t, are starting to notice that in Qatar.

Apart from filling the stadiums, La Albiceleste fans are stealing the show at Qatar 2022 with a song that sounds loud every time Argentina plays. Check out the lyrics of this World Cup hit.

What are the lyrics of the Argentina fans’ song at Qatar 2022?

Created by a small group of fans, this song addresses Argentina’s rollercoaster journey in the last few years, from heartbreaking moments to a long-awaited Copa America triumph, which sparked confidence ahead of the World Cup.

These are the lyrics in Spanish:

En Argentina nací

tierra de Diego y Lionel

de los pibes de Malvinas que jamás olvidaré.

No te lo puedo explicar

porque no vas a entender

las finales que perdimos, cuántos años las lloré.

Pero eso se terminó

porque en el Maracaná

la final con los brazucas la volvió a ganar papá...

Muchachos, ahora nos volvimos a ilusionar

quiero ganar la tercera, quiero ser campeón mundial

y al Diego, en el cielo lo podemos ver

con don Diego y con la Tota, alentándolo a Lionel.

Lyrics translated:

In Argentina I was born

land of Diego and Lionel

of the boys who went to Malvinas, who I will never forget

I can’t explain this to you

because you won’t understand

how many years I’ve cried over the finals that we lost.

But it’s all over now, because at the Maracana

in the final with Brazil, Papá (dad) won once again

Boys, now we’re dreaming again

I want to win it for the third time, I want to be world champion

and Diego, we can see him up in heaven

with Don Diego (his dad) and La Tota (his mom), cheering on Lionel.