Spain and Morocco staged one of the most even duels in the round of 16 of this Qatar 2022 World Cup. The game was intense, although with few chances of scoring, and finally ended with Morocco's passage to the quarterfinals. Here we show you the funniest memes and reactions.

It was expected to be a very close game and it really was. Spain had the ball for a large part of the game, although without having the depth to generate clear scoring situations. Morocco played very neatly, covering spaces very well, although some errors in defense almost gave the Spanish a chance.

The extra time was quite similar, with Spain having a lot of the ball and Morocco waiting to get out of the counterattack. In the extra time, and with the Spanish much more advanced, the Moroccans found dangerous counterattacks and narrowly scored a goal that could have meant victory. Finally, and although Spain also had good chances, the 0 was not broken, and on penalties Morocco were left with the place in the quarterfinal.

Morocco in the quarterfinals: Funniest memes and reactions

Morocco won their place in the round of 16 and netizens took the opportunity to express their reactions. Here we show you the funniest memes and reactions.