The most important moment of the FIFA World Cup is here. Argentina take on France for the Qatar 2022 Final and fans are trying to get tickets for this exciting game, but resellers are trying to take advantage of their need and have quintupled its original value

Argentina vs. Francewas one of the most attractive Finals that could've happened in this World Cup. Both teams could get their third title and of course will bring tons of emotions to everyone that goes to Lusail Stadium.

But unfortunately not all the fans from those nations have acquired their tickets for the match. Now, resellers are taking advantage of their need and are giving their entrances in really high prices as no one wants to miss this game.

Resale for Argentina vs. France: Prices and how are they being sold

Every single fan in Qatar is trying to get a ticket for the Argentina vs. France Final at Lusail Stadium. It has not been an easy task for them as resellers are selling them up to five times more than its original price.

News 18 reported the case of Lucas Ledezma, Leandro Blanco Pighi, and Silvio Gatti, three Argentinian fans that are looking for tickets to see their team take on France. They have not succeeded in their quest thanks to the high prices.

According to those supporters, resellers are giving entrances in over five times its original price. Tickets with an initial value of $750 are being sold for $4,000, and those are the cheapest a fan could find.

FIFA has said multiple times that fans must not trust resellers outside their official resale method as they could be fake. But their website doesn't have tickets available anymore and that's why the illegal method is the only way to find.

Fans are reporting that resellers are even creating WhatsApp groups in order to move their tickets. With those high prices, it is possible that Lusail Stadium shows some empty seats for the Final as supporters are not willing to pay that amount.

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