Canelo Alvarez is not very happy with Lionel Messi after he accidentally kicked Mexico's shirt. Now, after Sergio Aguero defended his former teammate, the Mexican boxer sent him that is everything but peacefull.

After Argentina defeated Mexico in Matchday 2 of Group C in Qatar 2022, a leaked video spotted Lionel Messi accidentally kicking Andres Guardado's jersey. This was not well taken by some Mexicans, but it was Saul Alvarez the one that attacked the forward the most.

Sergio Aguero defended his compatriot, but Alvarez was not happy about it. They started a discussion in Twitter that went all the way to Instagram, where the boxer sent the former soccer player an audio continuing this fight.

Sergio Aguero reveals Canelo Alvarez sent him an audio over Lionel Messi's Mexico jersey incident

It is clear that if there was a chance of a friendship between Sergio Aguero and Saul Alvarez, that opportunity is gone. Kun defended Lionel Messi over his incident with Mexico's jersey, but the boxer stepped up for his country.

After Canelo Alvarez judged Lionel Messi's actions with the Mexican kit, Aguero answered his tweets defending his compatriot. Both entered a very tough discussion that the boxer took to Instagram.

During a livestream on Twitch, Aguero revealed to Chicharito Hernandez and Ibai Llanos that Canelo Alvarez sent him an audio via Instagram, and of course it was not very peacefull.

"That's what I liked you for, asshole. You should respect my opinion," said Canelo to Aguero. "I will respect yours if you respect mine," answered the soccer player, but the boxer's response was not very clear with as he only sent thumbs up and thumbs down emojis.

On the livestream, Aguero joked with Chicharito and Ibai about a possible fight with Canelo. "Are you crazy!? I wouldn't stand a chance against him," said the Argentinian.

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