The FIFA World Cup is one of the most-watched soccer events, and Qatar 2022 hasn't been the exception. Millions of people, even those who aren’t familiar with the sport, watch the tournament, which is celebrated every four years. 

Soccer, unlike sports such as tennis or American football in which the clock stops constantly, is played in two half of 45 minutes each. The game isn’t stopped unless there is a foul, or the ball is out of the pitch. Usually, the players only get time off during halftime. 

Of course, halftime is crucial to rest but also it’s a moment where coaches can change their strategies and encourage players if things are going wrong. Here, check out how long is the halftime of the World Cup matches. 

How long does the halftime of the Qatar 2022 World Cup matches last?

The halftime in soccer is 15 minutes long, per the rules. Meanwhile, in the knockout stage, if the match goes to extratime, there’s also a five minute break before and between the extra sessions of 15 minutes. 

As said before, the clock in a soccer match doesn’t stop during the 45-minute halves. However, there are pauses in the game in case of injuries, substitutions or any other pauses. That’s why there’s stoppage time, which is added onto the half to compensate for these pauses. 

During this World Cup, the stoppage time has been unusually long. Some referees have added 10, 14 minutes, when the usual is about four or five minutes. If you want to check all the possible results of the tournament, you can do so with the 2022 World Cup simulator. 

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