Soccer players use to have an interesting story behind their careers, but Luka Modric's is a very strong one. One of the best Croatian midfielders of all time overcame a war to become one of the best players in history of his country.

Nowadays, there is no doubt that Luka Modric is a superstar in Real Madrid's midfield. He was very close to win the 2018 FIFA World Cup, so this year he has the same mission with Croatia in Qatar 2022.

This November, Luka Modric is Croatia's big leader for the FIFA World Cup. The 37-year-old has fulfilled the dream of a boy who escaped from a war to pursue the dream of becoming a soccer player.

Luka Modric, the boy who escaped from Croatia's war to become one of the greatest soccer players of his country

Luka Modric is living a great moment with Real Madrid and Croatia. Now, the 37-year-old is set to play what's going to be probably his last FIFA World Cup, but he never dreamed to even participate in one.

The midfielder was born in Zahar in September 9, 1985. In that year, the city was still part of Yugoslavia, but six years after everything changed. In 1991 began the Independence war, which created the country of Croatia that we know nowadays.

When he was young, he and his family escaped from it in order to avoid the armed conflict. They went from one hotel to another in order to seek shelter, but unfortunately not everyone was able to run from it.

His granfather got stucked in the region of Jasenice, where unfortunately he was executed with other protestants. All the homes in the city were burnt to the ashes.

When the war ended and Croatia was created, Luka Modric's family returned to Zahar. His parents hoped he would become a great soccer player, so they immediately sent him to schools to prepare for it.

With 16-years-old, he was signed by Dinamo Zagreb and was sent on loan with two teams before he was sold to Tottenham Hotspur. Then, he was acquired by Real Madrid and the rest is history. Luka Modric, the boy who ran from its own country to become an icon for it.