The moment we've been waiting for the last four (and a half) years is just nine days away from us. Qatar 2022 is finally about to get started, which is why most national team managers have already submitted their World Cup squads.

The tournament kicks off on November 20, when the host country takes on Ecuador in the inaugural game. From then on, the group stage action will continue until December 2, with the knockout stage starting on Dec. 3.

Needless to say, every team's goal is to reach the grand final on Dec. 18 — but there's a long way to go before that. Only a handful of teams are predicted to win the trophy, and though many prefer to stay humble, a manager is heading to Qatar with plenty of confidence in himself.

Confident Luis Enrique says he's the best coach in the Qatar 2022 World Cup

When announcing Spain's World Cup squad to the press, Luis Enrique revealed his mentality ahead of the World Cup. Though he acknowledged his comment would spark controversy, Enrique said he has to see himself as the best coach ever

"There is no better national coach than me, in the history of world football. That’s what I believe, obviously it’s not true, but I can’t doubt that," Enrique said, via Dermot Corrigan of The Athletic.

"I can’t have doubts, if I have to convince my players of the idea of how we will play," he added. However, he immediately realized his words would probably go viral. "Madre mia, that’ll be the headline, I don’t care, I like it."

Enrique has certainly won a reputation as one of the world's best managers, with Luis Suarez and Jordi Alba among those who mentioned him as the best coach in their careers. But his roster, which overlooks the likes of Sergio Ramos and David De Gea, has given plenty to talk about.

Will Enrique lead Spain to a deep run in Qatar? Using this World Cup Predictor, you can see every potential outcome of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.