Want to make $70 and see a World Cup game? The catch is you have to upvote every aspect of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, even if it means not being able to hug your significant other on the street.

That is what the organizers of the Qatar FIFA World Cup are doing as a way to combat outcry from fans all over the world over the code of conduct for the tournament and the human rights violations Qatar has been subject to over the years.

According to the Daily Mirror, 40 fans from the United Kingdom will have flights, hotels and match tickets covered in exchange for their positive experiences.

Qatar host looking for positive comments 

The idea behind the stunt is for about 400 soccer fans from the participating nations to have all accommodations paid for in exchange for upvoting Qatar and its experiences. The “fan leader” program is designed for incoming tourists to enjoy Qatar following the proper code of conduct and all fans must stay at least a fortnight.

"The Qatar Supreme Committee approached the England Supporters Travel Club to run a registration process for fans to join the World Cup ‘Fan Leaders’ Forum," an English FA spokesman said.

"We were told this was an opportunity to engage with fans from all competing nations to ensure that the voice of supporters was clearly heard in the planning for the World Cup, and that many international football associations were being approached.

"Following the initial registration process, the project has been managed by the Qatar Supreme Committee, and we have had no more involvement with the scheme, and no sight of the ‘code of conduct’ or any of the terms and conditions of involvement."