It may have been a bit more than a month since Argentina won the 2022 World Cup, but their success in Qatar is still fresh in the memory. Lionel Messi, for instance, has recently talked about it for the first time.

However, the club season is back in full swing and the time to celebrate has passed. Most Argentine players were given a hero’s welcome in their return to club duty, but now they have to perform.

Right now, the press and fans couldn’t care less about how they fared in Qatar only a few weeks ago. If not look at Leandro Paredes, who despite being crucial for his nation, is now facing criticism in Italy.

Juventus star Leandro Paredes facing criticism in Italy

Things are not going according to plan for Juventus, who continue to struggle after receiving a 15-point deduction. On Sunday, the Old Lady lost to Monza and most of the blame fell on Paredes.

“Where was he when Carlos Augusto found the middle of the park empty for the 2-0? Where was the experience of a world champion? Where was he when…” read the match report by Gazzetta Dello Sport, who also rated Paredes the worst player of the game with a 4.

Apart from the Italian newspaper’s harsh review, Juve fans are also questioning Paredes’ tenure with the team. “When players like Paredes that are perennial transfer targets for their careers they never show up for the shirt and the badge when it matters most,” the user @juve_cle wrote on Twitter.

“Wow, never see coming that Paredes would not be a great signing, as he was so important for PSG, oh wait, he wasn't. It's not a surprise. Sporting directors are as bad as the coach,” @PierreRvT tweeted.

More users kept on complaining about Paredes’ performances since moving to Turin. The Argentine star joined Juventus on loan from PSG in the summer, but it hasn’t gone as expected so far.