The partnership between FIFA and EA has come to an end. EA Sports FC will arrive this year and fans are really excited to see what the new soccer video game will have, so here's everything you need to know about this upcoming title.

After several months of rumors, FIFA announced the end of their relationship with EA. The company worked for the soccer's biggest organization since 1993, but they didn't reach an agreement to continue beyond the 2023 edition.

However, EA will continue creating a soccer video game, just under another name. EA Sports FC will arrive to stores this 2024, with a lot of new features that fans will definitely love.

EA Sports FC: Release date, leagues included and everything you need to know about the videogame

In 2023, fans will see a new soccer video game on the shelves. EA Sports FC is set to make his debut this year as EA didn't continue with its relationship with FIFA, so that's why they changed the name of their successful title.

EA is preparing everything to give an amazing video game to the fans. They have already revealed the logo for it, based on the player indicator triangle, and including the name of this title in it.

The company announced there will be more information on July, but here are some things the community already knows about it. There will be massive changes in order to bring a better experience for gamers.

  • Women are coming to Ultimate Team (mixed squads)
  • Majority of leagues that are currently in FIFA will be in the game (a total of 30 leagues confirmed so far)
  • Barcelona will be back as they reached an agreement with EA
  • Online career mode
  • New game engine
  • CO-OP career mode
  • 25+ New heroes & icons

According to multiple reports, the first trailer will be revealed on late June to see the first images of this video game. Are you excited to play EA's new title?