Mexico had their worst performance in decades at the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The team led by Gerardo Martino couldn't surpass the first round with rivals in Group C such as Argentina, Poland and Saudi Arabia. Since 1994, in an amazing feat, Mexico had advanced seven straight times to the Round of 16. That streak is now over.

So, after the failure, Gerardo Martino's contract wasn't extended as coach of the National Team and Mexico are looking for the man in charge of the biggest project ever: the 2026 World Cup. It's important to remember that Mexico would be host alongside Canada and the United States

The members of the Mexican Federation are on a major crossroad. Trust the team to a coach proved in Liga MX or try to splash a big name available in the market. That's why Marcelo Bielsa was in front of the race to coach Mexico. However, an incredible reason has left him out of the position.

Why Marcelo Bielsa won't be the coach for Mexico?

The reason is a never ending struggle for power among two groups inside the Mexican Federation. According to a report by journalist David Faitelson, Marcelo Bielsa said "yes" to Jesus Martinez, the leader of Grupo Pachuca. This group, led by Martinez's family, owns teams like Pachuca and Leon. They have been very successful.

However, there's another group in the Mexican Federation trying to go in a different direction. So, instead of agreeing with Grupo Pachuca, these club presidents have two names in sight: Guillermo Almada and Miguel Herrera. Considering this group is closer to the man who makes the biggest decisions for soccer in Mexico, Emilio Azcarraga, Marcelo Bielsa is out of the race. 

Since many years ago, Grupo Pachuca haven't agreed in a lot of major decisions with Emilio Azcarraga, owner of Club America and the man with the television rights for Mexico's National Team. It's a constant battle for power. But, as it's historically proven, Azcarraga most definitely would have the last word. If Marcelo Bielsa is not the coach proposed by his group, then Marcelo Bielsa won't arrive to Mexico. He gave the word to Grupo Pachuca, the antagonist of the other presidents.