The retro kit culture is growing rapidly all across the world, with stores popping up all over the world providing soccer fans the chance to wear some kits from years gone by. Many teams like AC Milan and River Plate have embraced this retro craze and sell retro products, even Major League Soccer put out a line last season.

In the 1990s soccer uniforms began to shift especially after the 1990 World Cup, as entering the 94 tournament jerseys began to change in design and were more stylish as well as sporty.

Here are 5 memorable soccer kits from the 1990s, while there are many, these 5 hold a special place in the hearts of fans all over the world. Here are 5 top retro 90’s soccer kits.

AC Milan 1995 Home

AC Milan was the Barcelona or Real Madrid of the late 80’s - mid 90’s. The elegant red and black strips with white shorts were one of the most recognizable soccer kits in the world and commanded great respect. The OPEL brand gained even more notoriety being displayed on the jersey of the world’s biggest club.

Borussia Dortmund 1995-96 Home

When Nike began taking an interest in soccer one of their first presentations was dressing Borussia Dortmund, in 1995 the club played with these long sleeve classics, where the black was prominent on the sleeves, and the big sponsor of the wide jersey was common in the late 90s.

Ajax 1995 Home

One of the most classic looks of the 1990s belongs to Ajax who were dressed by Umbro, with the Ajax crest on the heart of the player and stripes on the collar. This kit was what the team wore when heading to the 1996 Champions League final.

Fiorentina 1996

The famous Reebok white “hockey” jersey was worn by Gabriel Batistuta and company in the famous Cup Winners Cup tie against Barcelona where Batigol scored a magnificent strike on Vítor Baía and silenced the Camp Nou. It was a very famous design for its time.

River Plate 1997 

On their way to three straight Argentine championships River Plate wore a modern 90ish style home kit that was innovative and elegant. The long sleeves and the logos embedded within the jersey made it one of the most popular kits in the club’s history.