For Matchday 21 of La Liga, Barcelona was supposed to play at home against Rayo Vallecano, however it has been decided to postpone this game. Here you will find the information and the reason for this decision.

One of the first reasons why this game has been suspended is that Barcelona was one of the four teams that played in the Spanish Super Cup. Without being certain of who would be the finalists (who would play on Sunday, January 16), it was decided to postpone the game of the "Culés" and also the game of Atletico Madrid, and at the same time Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao had advanced the one that they had to play for this same Matchday 21 (they played on December 22, 2021).

The strange thing is why there is no scheduled date for the game between Barcelona and Rayo Vallecano, as there is for Atletico Madrid and Levante, who will have to face each other on February 16. The reason for this is that Barcelona must face Athletic Bilbao for the Copa del Rey on January 19 (which coincides with the dates on which the other Matchday 21 matches will be played).

When will this game be played?

It is still unknown, and it depends on how well both will do in this Copa del Rey 2021/2022. On the other hand, it must be taken into account that Barcelona will also have to play the Europa League, so on the days in which this international tournament is played (and if the "Culés" also advance to the next rounds) it will not be possible to play. That means that to know when this game corresponding to Matchday 21 will be played, it will be necessary to wait for a while.