The Champions League is one of the most prestigious championships in the world. The dream of all players is to be able to participate in the Champions League and become champions, but very few achieve it.

Since the 1999 edition, thirty-two teams participate in the Champions League. Chelsea were crowned champion of the 2020-2021 Champions League. UEFA awarded it with a total of 82.4 million euros, an amount accrued since its presence in the group stage. Only for winning the final game, Chelsea earn 19 million euros.

For this season, it is already known which teams will play the 2021-2022 Champions League Final. One team from the Premier League and one from La Liga: Liverpool and Real Madrid. The final will be played on Saturday, May 28 at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis (Paris). However, UCL is not only about sporting prestige. UEFA is known to hand out large sums of money to the participating teams. Why Liverpool have raised more than Real Madrid? And which teams have earned the most money?

Why Liverpool have raised more than Real Madrid?

For the 2021/22 edition and concerning the previous ones, UEFA increased the prizes to be distributed among all participating clubs. The 32 participating teams received financial prizes. Each of the 32 teams received 15.6 million euros for reaching the group stage. In the group stage, each match won paid 2.8 million euros per club, while a draw was paid 930,000 euros.

For reaching the round of 16 the amount received was 9.6 million euros, for the quarterfinals 10.6 million euros, for the semifinals 12.5 million euros, and 15.5 million euros for reaching the final. In addition, the clubs had income from the UEFA coefficient. The higher the coefficient, the more points, and, each point, with a maximum of 32, granted 1.1 million euros to each club.

Liverpool are the club that have raised the most money so far with €115.80 million. While Real Madrid are second with 105.34 million euros in earnings. Both will fight for the last spoils: 4.5 million euros for winning the competition and an extra 3.5 million euros for participating in the European Super Cup.

Liverpool have earned the maximum possible €115.800 million for winning all their group matches, reaching the final, and achieving the highest UEFA coefficient score of 32. While Real Madrid won 5 games and tied one on the group stage, and have a UEFA coefficient of 28.

Which teams have earned the most money?

El Merengue are the Spanish team that have raised the most money. 105.34 million euros, divided into 77.84 million euros from the competition and 27.5 million euros from the UEFA coefficient. In second place are Villarreal, made a profit of 84 million euros: 57,670 million euros for sporting merits and 26,4 million euros from the UEFA coefficient. 

Atlético Madrid (eliminated in the quarterfinals) collected 63.270 million euros: 42,370 million for its sporting merits and 20,9 million from the UEFA coefficient. Barcelona (eliminated in the group stage) earned 38.670 million euros in prize money for its achievements on the pitch and 16.50 million euros from the UEFA coefficient. Sevilla were the lowest earner. In total, it reached the figure of 34.430 million euros: 21,230 million for its sporting achievements and 13,200 million thanks to the UEFA coefficient. In total, the five La Liga teams raised €325,710,000.

Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester United accumulated a total of €335.75 billion. The other competitions are far behind the Premier League and La Liga, the Bundesliga, with Leipzig, Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich, and Wolfsburg, collected: €186.150 million, The Serie A, with Milan, Inter, Atalanta, and Juventus: €181.40million, and the Ligue 1, with PSG and Lille: €110.600 million.