On a long-awaited date for soccer fans, Chelsea beat Manchester City and claimed the 2021 UEFA Champions League trophy at Estadio do Dragao in Portugal. The Blues were crowned European champions for the second time in history, almost nine years later from their first triumph.

Since Thomas Tuchel's arrival, the London side has had a remarkable improvement and went on to establish itself as the best team on the continent right now. It was a huge blow for Pep Guardiola's boys, who were hoping to hand the club its first Champions League title ever.

Arguably the most important date in the soccer calendar, the soccer community was eager to see this thrilling UCL final, which allowed fans inside the stadium for the first time since the pandemic outbreak and also had a fascinating pre-game show. 

Fans react to Chelsea's UCL triumph, Werner and Guardiola in the eye of the storm

It seemed inevitable that social media would be flooded with user's reactions to one of the greatest sports events of the year. Even hours before the Champions League grand final kicked off, fans were already sharing hilarious memes. 

Once the game began, soccer enthusiasts were immediately all over the timeline reacting to the match. Timo Werner's early misses were trending topic and subject of multiple memes, as well as Pep Guardiola's strange decisions such as playing without a defensive midfield, while neutral fans seemed unable to stand for one of the two sides.

Thomas Tuchel's appointment in January has paid off in a way that few could have expected to. Chelsea not only improved their form in the Premier League, but suddenly made their way into their second Champions League victory in history, beating favorites Manchester City.