The Concacaf Gold Cup is the North American, Central American, and Caribbean’s premier national team competition. The tournament has been played since 1963 but was reformatted in 1991 to the competition it is today.

While Concacaf recognizes the champions of the old Concacaf Championship, the Gold Cup is considered the main and official tournament of the region and reestablished the championship count.

Mexico has won the Gold Cup on 8 occasions, while the United States on 7, being the 2021 edition their latest success. Rounding out the champions is Canada with 1 title in 2000. Here is the list of Concacaf Gold Cup winners, year by year since 1991.



Concacaf Gold Cup year by year winners  

Year Winner
1991 USA
1993 Mexico


1998 Mexico
2000 Canada
2002 USA
2003 Mexico
2005 USA
2007 USA
2009 Mexico
2011 Mexico
2013 USA
2015 Mexico
2017 USA
2019 Mexico
2021 USA

It is important to note that the United States has hosted the event a total of 15 times with 2021 being the 16th time the United States has played host to the tournament in some capacity. Mexico on the other hand has never hosted the tournament on their own but had joint tournaments with the United States in 1993 and 2003.

Canada, Jamaica, and Costa Rica all held matches in various editions of the tournament but never as a sole host. The all-time leading goal scorer of the Concacaf Gold Cup is Landon Donovan with 18 goals.