The Copa America 2021 has concluded with the grand final between Brazil and Argentina. The tournament, also known as Conmebol Copa America, is the main men’s soccer championship for South American national teams part of Conmebol. It is the oldest international soccer competition (still running) in the world. The first edition was played in 1916 and until 1975 was known as South American Championship. 

The competition has changed its format through the years. Since the 1990s, the tournament has featured 12 teams, the 10 Conmebol teams and two additional teams from other confederations. Usually, from North America and Asia. 

However, this year, due to the sanitary situation, the tournament didn’t have guest teams from other confederations. For now, the Copa America hasn't been won by a country outside South America. Eight of the ten Conmebol national teams have won the trophy at least once. 

Copa America 2021: List by year of past winners 

Since the inauguration of the tournament in 1916, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru and Chile have won the trophy at least one time. Only Venezuela and Ecuador haven’t won yet. 

Uruguay and Argentina are the national teams with the most trophies, having won the tournament 15 times each. La Albiceleste tied La Celeste by beating Brazil in the 2021 final. See here, the list of Copa America all time winners: 

Year Winner
1916 Uruguay
1917 Uruguay
1919 Brazil
1920 Uruguay
1921 Argentina
1922 Brazil
1923 Uruguay
1924 Uruguay
1925 Argentina
1926 Uruguay
1927 Argentina
1929 Argentina
1935 Uruguay
1937 Argentina
1939 Peru
1941 Argentina
1942 Uruguay
1945 Argentina
1946 Argentina
1947 Argentina
1949 Brazil
1953 Paraguay
1955 Argentina
1956 Uruguay
1957 Argentina
1959 Argentina
1959 Uruguay
1963 Bolivia
1967 Uruguay
1975 Peru
1979 Paraguay
1983 Uruguay
1987 Uruguay
1989 Brazil
1991 Argentina
1993 Argentina
1995 Uruguay
1997 Brazil
1999 Brazil
2001 Colombia
2004 Brazil
2007 Brazil
2011 Uruguay
2015 Chile
2016 Chile
2019 Brazil
2021 Argentina