Cristiano Ronaldo's hunger for achieving more does not have an end. That is why, at almost 37 years old, he is considered as one of the current soccer stars. Tributes for him are constant, and he can boast of having a personal collection of statues. Although, none of them are exempt from controversies. 

The most recent chapter of Cristiano's metallic homages saga was written in Goa, India, where Minister Michael Lobo unveiled a new statue for him. "For the love of football and at the request of our youth, we put up Cristiano Ronaldo's statue in the park to inspire our youngsters to take football to greater heights", said Lobo in the ceremony held to concrete this tribute. 

However, there was controversy on social media because of the presence Cristiano Ronaldo new statue in a state that was ruled by Portugal for 450 years. In fact, Goa has reached its independence barely in 1961. Such as this kind of polemics, there have been things to say and claim for on every of the 2 bust and now two statues CR7 has gotten.

The controversies of Cristiano Ronaldo's statues and busts 

The first statue made in Cristiano's honor was unveiled in 2014 and is located in his hometown Funchal, on the island of Madeira, in Portugal, exactly outside the "CR7 Museum", the Portuguese personal space where he shows many of the awards he has collected so far. 

Made of bronze, and with more than 10 feet height, voices were calling Ronaldo egocentric due to the action of exalting his greatness, even long before he finishes his outstanding career in soccer fields, and also there were critics because the statue did not look like Cristiano.

The next stop of Cristiano tribute journey is in March 2017, again in Funchal, Portugal. The local airport was renamed "Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport". Everything was right until a bust of the Portuguese superstar was unveiled.

It was evident that the metallic creation was far, far away from capturing Ronaldo's real face, and Internet word proceeded to make it viral. Plenty of reactions appeared pointing to the bad luck the former Real Madrid soccer player has with artisans. 

Before the one in Goia, India, there was another bust exhibited since November 2017 as a recognition of Cristiano's legacy in the world of soccer. Definitely, the most accurate and fair one made by Spanish artist Jose Antonio Navarro Arteaga. This one resides at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid, Spain.