David Beckham grew up in East London as a die hard Manchester United's fan. His parents passed along their love for the Red Devils. He played regular football as a kid and all he wanted was to be a footballer. He played for Tottenham youth team. But he signed with the Red Devils in 1991, the rest is history.

David Beckham debuted as a Manchester United player in 1995. He was a part of a legendary team in the making. Alongside Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville and Paul Scholes, they wrote history for the Red Devils. One of his most remembered goals in his early career was from the halfway line. After he scored that goal, the world knew who David Beckham was.

Beckham was part of Los Galacticos. Alongside Zinedine ZidaneLuis FigoRonaldo Nazario and Roberto Carlos, they were part of one of the most iconic Real Madrid's squads of all time. He also played for AC Milan, PSG and LA Galaxy before his retirement. Simultaneously, Beckham started a career in the fashion industry, the reason he became a all-round football style icon.

How old is David Beckham?

David Beckham was born in Leytonstone, East London, England on May 2, 1975. The Spice Boy is 47 years old. He gained international fame for his on-field play as well as for his highly publicized personal life. He was one of the members of Los Galaticos, a well-known nickname for one the best Real Madrid’s squads of all time.

How much does David Beckham weigh?

David Beckham’s physique has never been so dominant to play football. However, his looks were astonishing for the female public. During his football career and now in his retirement, his fashion icon career has helped him to stay in shape. David Beckham weighs 176 pounds in a well-preserved body that has been shown in countless times for several magazine covers.

How tall is David Beckham?

As said before his physique has changed through the years because of his football career. And thanks to it, his fashion icon career started to develop. Beckham is 6 feet tall and wasn't his best characteristic to play football. He was always more talented with his feet.

What was David Beckham’s Jersey Number when played?

When David Beckham first debuted in Manchester United he wore several numbers in his jersey. Until the number 10 was given to him. The best player in the squad usually wears this number. However, right after Eric Cantona left the Red Devils, Beckham chose to wear the number 7. Since then, he build a brand called DB7, around it until he went to Real Madrid. During his time in Madrid, he wore the number 23, as a reference to Michael Jordan. In his moves to AC Milan, PSG and LA Galaxy he switched to 32 or 23 depending on the availability of the number in the squad. When he played for the England's national team, he usually wore the number 7. 

How David Beckham became the football style icon?

In 1999, Beckham married one of the Spice Girls' singers, Victoria Adams.The media attention was so intense, the Beckham couple increased their popularity around the world. Beckham's looks opened several doors as a male model for many brands during and after his football career. His style of dress and always-changing hairstyles, made him a style icon. In 2003, Beckham was made an Officer of the Of the British Empire, giving him more notoriety to his profile. In 2020, his team Inter Miami made their official debut in the MLS.