The European Super League threatened to tear apart the whole soccer structure in the elite level. With the initiative of establishing an autonomous tournament, independent from the UEFA and the FIFA, twelve big clubs seemed to be destroying the essence of the beautiful game. 

Prestigious competitions like the Champions League, and even local leagues, were at risk with a disruptive championship in which only a handful would be able to take part. The idea of a Super League has been discussed many years ago, but it never made such a strong step forward like in the last days. These clubs were officialy prepared to begin their exclusive league, and they've revealed it this weekend.

The soccer's governing bodies counterattacked stating that those participants wouldn't be able to compete in the domestic tournaments anymore, nor their players would be allowed to be selected by their countries. But they weren't the only ones against this idea. Fans, figures from this sport, and even current players blasted against the Super League, up to the point that teams started to step down quickly

Tweet from Jordan Henderson, Liverpool's captain (Getty).

Lack of support weakens the Super League

Real Madrid alongside other powerful teams proudly announced the inception of this new competition that would be self-governed by the Founding Clubs. But as soon as they made public those intentions, soccer enthusiasts from all around the world went wild to stop the initiative which was seen as a threat to the sport.

Fans from the English clubs made protests, other teams reacted as well, and what seemed like a great move for these 12 giants turned out to be a huge failure. In a blink of an eye, the Super League lost strength. Manchester City were the first side to quit, and the rest of the clubs are expected to follow them. What has been a topic of discussion for long, dramatic hours on social media finally had a happy ending for the soccer community, and hilarious memes were all over the Internet. 


The Super League plans concerned not only fans but also other clubs, competitions and governing bodies. The creation of this tournament wasn't just a different competition where big teams would take part. It meant a dangerous attack to the core of this game, which enabled many historic feats from modest teams thanks to the possibility of progressing on the pitch. The plans for the new league failed, and the soccer world celebrated on social media.