The European World Cup Qualifiers 2022 return this week and there will be plenty of soccer action to look forward to. The journey to Qatar 2022 resumes with a double-fixture for November. While there’s already teams that qualified, there are still many spots to be decided. 

Germany and Denmark already booked their spot for the next World Cup, after their crushing victory over North Macedonia (4-0) in October. Denmark, on the other hand, earned their ticket after defeating 1-0 Austria. 

Italy and Switzerland will meet on Friday in the match that could define the fate of both nations, who are locked on 16 points in Group B standings. But Spain, England and Portugal also need wins to make it through. Here, check out the schedule. 

European World Cup Qualifiers 2022 - Matchday 9 and 10 Schedule

Matchday 9 and Mathcday 10 of  the European World Cup Qualifiers will have plenty of interesting matches. Spain will have a final clash with Sweden on Sunday, while Portugal will have a “decider” on the last day against Serbia. 

Matchday 9

Thursday 11 November

Group A: Azerbaijan vs Luxembourg (12:00 PM ET), Republic of Ireland vs Portugal (2:45 PM ET)
Group B: Georgia vs Sweden (12:00 PM ET), Greece vs Spain (2:45 PM ET)
Group H: Russia vs Cyprus (12:00 PM ET), Malta vs Croatia (2:45 PM ET), Slovakia vs Slovenia (2:45 PM ET)
Group J: Armenia vs North Macedonia (12:00 PM ET), Germany vs Liechtenstein (2:45 PM ET), Romania vs Iceland (2:45 PM ET)

Friday 12 November
All at 2:45 PM (ET)

Group C: Italy vs Switzerland, Northern Ireland vs Lithuania 
Group F: Austria vs Israel, Denmark vs Faroe Islands, Moldova vs Scotland
Group I: Andorra vs Poland, England vs Albania, Hungary vs San Marino

Saturday 13 November

Group D: Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Finland (9:00 AM), France vs Kazakhstan (2:45 PM ET)
Group G: Norway vs Latvia (12:00 PM ET), Turkey vs Gibraltar (12:00 PM ET), Montenegro vs Netherlands (2:45 PM ET)
Group E: Belgium vs Estonia (2:45 PM ET), Wales vs Belarus (2:45 PM ET) 

Matchday 10

Sunday 14 November

Group A: Luxembourg vs Republic of Ireland (2:45 PM ET), Portugal vs Serbia (2:45 PM ET)
Group B: Greece vs Kosovo (2:45 PM ET), Spain vs Sweden (2:45 PM ET) 
Group H: Croatia vs Russia (9:00 AM ET), Malta vs Slovakia (9:00 AM ET), Slovenia vs Cyprus (9:00 AM ET)
Group J: Armenia vs Germany (12:00 PM ET), Liechtenstein vs Romania (12:00 PM ET), North Macedonia vs Iceland (12:00 PM ET)

Monday 15 November
All at 2:45 PM (ET)

Group C: Northern Ireland vs Italy, Switzerland vs Bulgaria
Group F: Austria vs Moldova, Israel vs Faroe Islands, Scotland vs Denmark
Group I: Albania vs Andorra, Poland vs Hungary, San Marino vs England

Tuesday 16 November
All at 2:45 PM (ET) 

Group D: Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Ukraine, Finland vs France
Group E: Czech Republic vs Estonia, Wales vs Belgium
Group G: Gibraltar vs Latvia, Montenegro vs Turkey, Netherlands vs Norway