Juventus may have found their long-term solution at striker it would seem with the rumored transfer of Fiorentina’s Dusan Vlahovic. According to Fabrizio Romano and Romeo Agresti the deal would reach an estimated €75 million, something that was mentioned yesterday but with Juventus having to sell a player before that, which could still happen.

Vlahovic, who is having a banner year for Fiorentina with 17 goals in 21 games in Serie A, has been the subject of many transfer rumors with Juventus becoming his preferred destination according to reports. Juventus on the other hand may need to open up some space in their books to make way for Vlahovic.

Here are three players who could leave Juventus so the club can make way for their next big signing. Rodrigo Bentancur, Paulo Dybala, and Weston McKennie are all rumored transfer targets.

Three players that could leave Juventus with the arrival of Dusan Vlahovic

Rodrigo Bentancur has seen his role reduced at Juventus, while he is still an active player on the roster and comes in and out of the lineup, the Uruguayan is rumored to be on the shortlist of Aston Villa. The Mirror suggest that Bentancur was recommended to the club by Luis Suarez, who is also rumored to be making a move to Aston Villa next season. Bentancur would command a 25-30 million Euro transfer, which could alleviate costs for Juventus.

Paulo Dybala contract is up at the end of the season, and it could be a case of addition by subtraction, Dybala’s salary would be offloaded along with other moves and it would make life a bit easier for Dusan Vlahovic.

Then there is the case of Weston McKennie, the American has been having a great season, and has had two solid seasons for the club. McKennie is arguably one of the team’s top performers and no matter how much Juventus may want to keep him, McKennie may be one of the few buying options the club has. McKennie’s transfer value is increasing more and more and a move to the Premier League has been rumored and it may be money Juventus may not be able to turn down in order to adjust their books with the eventual arrival of Dusan Vlahovic.