Yassine Cheuko has been serving as Lionel Messi‘s personal bodyguard since the Argentine superstar joined MLS in July 2023, following the Inter Miami star closely anywhere he goes.

But even though the 36-year-old is his client, Cheuko seems to be another admirer of Leo as well, and it looks like he even considers Leo a friend. Recently, the popular bodyguard gifted Messi a T-shirt of his Voclain clothing brand.

Cheuko posted a picture next to the 8x Ballon d’Or winner, who is posing with one of his products. Of course, Cheuko looked happy to have such a prominent star promoting the brand.

Messi was not the only Inter Miami player to receive a gift though, with Luis Suarez, Sergio Busquets and Marcelo Weigandt also posing for a picture with the Voclain T-shirt.

The expensive price of Cheuko’s gift to Messi

The T-shirt Cheuko gifted Messi and Suarez is the “Voclain T-Shirt Oversized White – Graffiti Drip Paris X Miami” model, which is priced at an astonishing $199.00 on the brand’s official e-commerce.

Cheuko and Busquets, on the other hand, are seen wearing the “Voclain T-Shirt Oversized Black – Graffiti Drip Paris X Miami”, which costs $129.00 on the official website. Weigandt, meanwhile, is rocking the “Voclain T-Shirt Oversized Black – Timeless Chic Paris X Miami,” priced at $115.00.

Cheuko announced the launch of Voclain Clothing last week in an Instagram post. While Messi reacted with a like, former PSG stars Angel Di Maria and Leandro Paredes wrote in the comments section, celebrating Cheuko’s venture.

Growing up in a poor neighborhood in Paris and starting a new life in Miami gave me the best of both worlds: Paris’ Elegance and Miami’s vibrant colors. This mix inspired me to create Voclain Clothing , my own fashion brand. I’m excited to share that we’re now open for orders worldwide!,” Cheuko wrote.