Manchester City are comfortably leading the Premier League and there still are eleven games left to the end of the season. Although those are a lot of games and usually it would be too soon to tell who will be the champions, the huge gap that the Citizens have with the rest of the teams already makes them look as the most probable winners

Not even the second placed Manchester United gets close to the amount of points that City has got so far. While the Sky Blues have 65 points, the Red Devils are 14 points behind. It's an enormous difference which is even worse if you take into account each team's latest results.

The current leaders have the most powerful squad in England, and probably one of the best in Europe. However, a Manchester derby can always bring a surprise. But many people already make fun of United's chances ahead of this game and there were many funny memes regarding the Manchester City and Manchester United derby.

Funny memes ahead of the Manchester derby

Manchester City has gone through an amazing string of good results which distanced them from all the other Premier League teams. The Citizens have won 21 consecutive games in all competitions up to now, an impressive record that makes them a dangerous side for anyone.

But there were other leaders in the league previously. At the beginning it was Everton, for sime time Liverpool, and even Manchester United surprisingly took the leadership. But Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's team couldn't keep their level and fell down.

Many expect a huge difference in this derby, according to the standings. Others may have optimism in the visitors, although it seems really difficult that Guardiola's side suddenly lose this game. Well, soccer has surprises, but sometimes the logical result occur. Anyways, let's take a look at the funny memes ahead of the Manchester City vs Manchester United derby.