2022 will be a year full of adrenaline and action for Mexico National Team. Ahead, it has six key Qualifiers games to assure its place at Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup. Also, the schedule contains Concacaf Nations League and friendly matches, remembering that el Tri is one of the national squads with the major amount of games played per year.

Tata Martino's team has not finished 2021 with good sensations. From being at the top of Concacaf Qualifiers standings to focusing on avoiding the obligation to face the World Cup Inter-Confederation play-off to grab one of the latest spots in Qatar's World Cup. This happened after being defeated by the US National Team and Canada in a row.

Mexico is obligated first to win no matter how to qualify to the FIFA World Cup; then, to improve its level to be able to break the curse that haunts it since 1994: surpass the Round of 16. So, it would be natural to constantly have el Tri starring friendly games, cause the main tournament starts on November 21, and there will not be many options to master Martino's tactic idea.

Mexico national soccer team schedule in 2022

The Concacaf Qualifiers still have 6 rounds to be held. For the first three of them, the official day and time have already been announced. Jamaica, Costa Rica, Panama, the United States, Honduras, and El Salvador are the opponents that Mexico needs to beat to ensure its participation in Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.

About the Concacaf Nations League 2022-2023, el Tri is considered to face six games in 2022. Martino's team is part of League A with 11 more teams, including Canada, the United States, and Costa Rica. However, official dates and rivals have not been announced yet.

Friendly games may also be considered in Mexico's National Team 2022 schedule. In 2021, el Tri played 8 of these kinds of games. Considering that the 2022 World Cup will be held, Martino will take advantage of any opportunity to train his team.

Finally, the event of the year is undoubtedly Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup. Soccer's main tournament will not be held in the middle of the year for the first time, so the entire world may have to adapt its schedules to do not block the action on the Middle East.

-January 27, Jamaica vs Mexico, Concacaf Qualifiers

-January 30, Mexico vs Costa Rica, Concacaf Qualifiers

-February 2, Mexico vs Panama, Concacaf Qualifiersç

-March 24, Mexico vs United States, Concacaf Qualifiers

-March 27, Honduras vs Mexico, Concacaf Qualifiers

-March 30, Mexico vs El Salvador, Concacaf Qualifiers

-April 27, Friendly Match, (Rival TBD)

-May, Concacaf Nations League (Rival and date TBD)

-June, Concacaf Nations League (Rival and date TBD)

-September, Concacaf Nations League (Rival and date TBD) 

-November 21 - December 18, Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup