The new Major League Soccer season kicks off on Saturday, February 26, 2022 at Subaru Park in Chester, Pennsylvania. The new season will be slightly different from the previous one as an expansion team is expected to join during the 2022 season.

New York City FC won the 2021 MLS Cup last year against Portland Timbers in what was a tough game from the start where both teams scored a goal, and the winner of the cup was defined in a penalty shoot-out 4-2.

For the new 2022 season each conference, western and eastern, have 14 teams each as a new and team will play in the Western Conference as an expansion team. It is the fourth team to join Major League Soccer in just two years.

MLS 2022 Schedule: Format

The format remains the same as the previous season, each of the teams must play 34 games during the season, which are divided into two, 17 games as a home team and another 17 games playing on the road.

MLS 2022 Postseason: Qualification

Each conference in MLS has 14 teams, and at the end of the regular season seven teams from each conference qualify for the MLS Cup Playoffs. The qualified teams play a first round of games in the postseason to advance to the next phase of the playoffs.

2022 MLS Playoffs: Conference rounds and MLS Cup

The second part of the MLS Playoffs are the conference semifinals where eight teams play a single game to advance to the third part of the playoffs called the conference finals with four teams playing to win their conference titles and play for the big title of the season that is known as the MLS Cup.

2022 MLS Fixtures: Regular season games

Since each team must play 34 games during the regular season, the total number of games available in the 2022 MLS season is 952 total games that will be available live stream in the US by FuboTV and other options on TV as well.

Date Home - Away
2022-02-26 Philadelphia vs Minnesota Utd
2022-02-26 Los Angeles FC vs Colorado Rapids
2022-02-26 Columbus Crew vs Vancouver
2022-02-26 FC Dallas vs Toronto FC
2022-02-26 San Jose vs NY Red Bulls
2022-02-26 Austin FC vs FC Cincinnati
2022-02-26 Inter Miami vs Chicago Fire
2022-02-26 D.C. United vs Charlotte FC
2022-02-26 Portland Timbers vs New England
2022-02-27 Orlando City vs CF Montréal
2022-02-27 Atlanta Utd vs Sporting KC
2022-02-27 LA Galaxy vs NYCFC
2022-02-27 Houston Dynamo vs Real Salt Lake
2022-02-27 Seattle vs Nashville
2022-03-05 New England vs FC Dallas
2022-03-05 Toronto FC vs NY Red Bulls
2022-03-05 Sporting KC vs Houston Dynamo
2022-03-05 CF Montréal vs Philadelphia
2022-03-05 San Jose vs Columbus Crew
2022-03-05 Vancouver vs NYCFC
2022-03-05 Real Salt Lake vs Seattle
2022-03-05 Colorado Rapids vs Atlanta Utd
2022-03-05 Chicago Fire vs Orlando City
2022-03-05 Minnesota Utd vs Nashville
2022-03-05 FC Cincinnati vs D.C. United
2022-03-05 Charlotte FC vs LA Galaxy
2022-03-06 Austin FC vs Inter Miami
2022-03-06 Los Angeles FC vs Portland Timbers
2022-03-12 NYCFC vs CF Montréal
2022-03-12 Columbus Crew vs Toronto FC
2022-03-12 Inter Miami vs Los Angeles FC
2022-03-12 Seattle vs LA Galaxy
2022-03-12 Houston Dynamo vs Vancouver
2022-03-12 New England vs Real Salt Lake
2022-03-12 D.C. United vs Chicago Fire
2022-03-12 Philadelphia vs San Jose
2022-03-12 Orlando City vs FC Cincinnati
2022-03-12 FC Dallas vs Nashville
2022-03-12 Colorado Rapids vs Sporting KC
2022-03-12 Portland Timbers vs Austin FC
2022-03-13 NY Red Bulls vs Minnesota Utd
2022-03-13 Atlanta Utd vs Charlotte FC
2022-03-19 FC Cincinnati vs Inter Miami
2022-03-19 NYCFC vs Philadelphia
2022-03-19 Toronto FC vs D.C. United
2022-03-19 LA Galaxy vs Orlando City
2022-03-19 Atlanta Utd vs CF Montréal
2022-03-19 Chicago Fire vs Sporting KC
2022-03-19 Charlotte FC vs New England
2022-03-19 Minnesota Utd vs San Jose
2022-03-19 Houston Dynamo vs Colorado Rapids
2022-03-19 FC Dallas vs Portland Timbers
2022-03-19 Real Salt Lake vs Nashville
2022-03-20 NY Red Bulls vs Columbus Crew
2022-03-20 Austin FC vs Seattle
2022-03-20 Los Angeles FC vs Vancouver
2022-03-26 Charlotte FC vs FC Cincinnati
2022-03-26 Sporting KC vs Real Salt Lake
2022-03-27 Portland Timbers vs Orlando City
2022-04-02 Chicago Fire vs FC Dallas
2022-04-02 Toronto FC vs NYCFC
2022-04-02 FC Cincinnati vs CF Montréal
2022-04-02 Columbus Crew vs Nashville
2022-04-02 San Jose vs Austin FC
2022-04-02 D.C. United vs Atlanta Utd
2022-04-02 Orlando City vs Los Angeles FC
2022-04-02 Philadelphia vs Charlotte FC
2022-04-02 New England vs NY Red Bulls
2022-04-02 Vancouver vs Sporting KC
2022-04-02 Minnesota Utd vs Seattle
2022-04-02 Inter Miami vs Houston Dynamo
2022-04-02 Colorado Rapids vs Real Salt Lake
2022-04-03 Portland Timbers vs LA Galaxy
2022-04-09 Orlando City vs Chicago Fire
2022-04-09 Charlotte FC vs Atlanta Utd
2022-04-09 NY Red Bulls vs CF Montréal
2022-04-09 NYCFC vs D.C. United
2022-04-09 Inter Miami vs New England
2022-04-09 Philadelphia vs Columbus Crew
2022-04-09 LA Galaxy vs Los Angeles FC
2022-04-09 Real Salt Lake vs Toronto FC
2022-04-09 Houston Dynamo vs San Jose
2022-04-09 Sporting KC vs Nashville
2022-04-09 FC Dallas vs Colorado Rapids
2022-04-09 Seattle vs FC Cincinnati
2022-04-09 Vancouver vs Portland Timbers
2022-04-10 Austin FC vs Minnesota Utd
TBA CF Montréal vs Vancouver
2022-04-16 San Jose vs Nashville
2022-04-16 Houston Dynamo vs Portland Timbers
2022-04-16 Atlanta Utd vs FC Cincinnati
2022-04-16 NY Red Bulls vs FC Dallas
2022-04-16 Columbus Crew vs Orlando City
2022-04-16 Toronto FC vs Philadelphia
2022-04-16 D.C. United vs Austin FC
2022-04-16 New England vs Charlotte FC
2022-04-16 Minnesota Utd vs Colorado Rapids
2022-04-16 Chicago Fire vs LA Galaxy
2022-04-16 Seattle vs Inter Miami
2022-04-17 NYCFC vs Real Salt Lake
2022-04-17 Los Angeles FC vs Sporting KC
2022-04-23 FC Dallas vs Houston Dynamo
2022-04-23 Philadelphia vs CF Montréal
2022-04-23 Minnesota Utd vs Chicago Fire
2022-04-23 D.C. United vs New England
2022-04-23 Austin FC vs Vancouver
2022-04-23 Sporting KC vs Columbus Crew
2022-04-23 Colorado Rapids vs Charlotte FC
2022-04-23 Portland Timbers vs Real Salt Lake
2022-04-23 San Jose vs Seattle
2022-04-23 LA Galaxy vs Nashville
2022-04-24 Inter Miami vs Atlanta Utd
2022-04-24 Orlando City vs NY Red Bulls
2022-04-24 FC Cincinnati vs Los Angeles FC
2022-04-24 NYCFC vs Toronto FC
2022-04-29 New England vs Inter Miami
2022-04-30 Houston Dynamo vs Austin FC
2022-04-30 Toronto FC vs FC Cincinnati
2022-04-30 Real Salt Lake vs LA Galaxy
TBA CF Montréal vs Atlanta Utd
2022-04-30 Columbus Crew vs D.C. United
2022-04-30 Orlando City vs Charlotte FC
2022-04-30 Chicago Fire vs NY Red Bulls
2022-04-30 Sporting KC vs FC Dallas
2022-04-30 Colorado Rapids vs Portland Timbers
2022-04-30 Seattle vs Vancouver
2022-05-01 NYCFC vs San Jose
2022-05-01 Nashville vs Philadelphia
2022-05-01 Los Angeles FC vs Minnesota Utd
2022-05-06 San Jose vs Colorado Rapids
2022-05-07 Charlotte FC vs Inter Miami
TBA CF Montréal vs Orlando City
2022-05-07 Atlanta Utd vs Chicago Fire
2022-05-07 NYCFC vs Sporting KC
2022-05-07 NY Red Bulls vs Portland Timbers
2022-05-07 New England vs Columbus Crew
2022-05-07 D.C. United vs Houston Dynamo
2022-05-07 Minnesota Utd vs FC Cincinnati
2022-05-07 FC Dallas vs Seattle
2022-05-07 Los Angeles FC vs Philadelphia
2022-05-08 Vancouver vs Toronto FC
2022-05-08 Nashville vs Real Salt Lake
2022-05-08 Austin FC vs LA Galaxy
2022-05-14 Toronto FC vs Orlando City
2022-05-14 Colorado Rapids vs Los Angeles FC
2022-05-14 Vancouver vs San Jose
2022-05-14 NYCFC vs Columbus Crew
2022-05-14 Charlotte FC vs CF Montréal
2022-05-14 Philadelphia vs NY Red Bulls
2022-05-14 Chicago Fire vs FC Cincinnati
2022-05-14 Inter Miami vs D.C. United
2022-05-14 Houston Dynamo vs Nashville
2022-05-14 Real Salt Lake vs Austin FC
2022-05-14 Portland Timbers vs Sporting KC
2022-05-14 LA Galaxy vs FC Dallas
2022-05-15 Atlanta Utd vs New England
2022-05-15 Seattle vs Minnesota Utd
2022-05-18 FC Cincinnati vs Toronto FC
2022-05-18 NY Red Bulls vs Chicago Fire
2022-05-18 D.C. United vs NYCFC
2022-05-18 Philadelphia vs Inter Miami
2022-05-18 Minnesota Utd vs LA Galaxy
2022-05-18 Houston Dynamo vs Seattle
2022-05-18 Sporting KC vs Colorado Rapids
2022-05-18 Nashville vs CF Montréal
2022-05-18 Vancouver vs FC Dallas
2022-05-18 San Jose vs Portland Timbers
2022-05-18 Los Angeles FC vs Austin FC
2022-05-21 Columbus Crew vs Los Angeles FC
2022-05-21 D.C. United vs Toronto FC
2022-05-21 FC Cincinnati vs New England
2022-05-21 Nashville vs Atlanta Utd
TBA CF Montréal vs Real Salt Lake
2022-05-22 NYCFC vs Chicago Fire
2022-05-22 Charlotte FC vs Vancouver
2022-05-22 Inter Miami vs NY Red Bulls
2022-05-22 FC Dallas vs Minnesota Utd
2022-05-22 San Jose vs Sporting KC
2022-05-22 LA Galaxy vs Houston Dynamo
2022-05-22 Austin FC vs Orlando City
2022-05-22 Colorado Rapids vs Seattle
2022-05-22 Portland Timbers vs Philadelphia
2022-05-28 Los Angeles FC vs San Jose
2022-05-28 NY Red Bulls vs D.C. United
2022-05-28 Toronto FC vs Chicago Fire
2022-05-28 Atlanta Utd vs Columbus Crew
TBA CF Montréal vs FC Cincinnati
2022-05-28 New England vs Philadelphia
2022-05-28 Orlando City vs FC Dallas
2022-05-28 LA Galaxy vs Austin FC
2022-05-28 Minnesota Utd vs NYCFC
2022-05-28 Inter Miami vs Portland Timbers
2022-05-28 Sporting KC vs Vancouver
2022-05-28 Colorado Rapids vs Nashville
2022-05-28 Real Salt Lake vs Houston Dynamo
2022-05-29 Seattle vs Charlotte FC
2022-06-04 Vancouver vs Real Salt Lake
2022-06-11 Charlotte FC vs NY Red Bulls
2022-06-11 Nashville vs San Jose
2022-06-12 Sporting KC vs New England
2022-06-18 Seattle vs Los Angeles FC
2022-06-18 LA Galaxy vs Portland Timbers
2022-06-18 NY Red Bulls vs Toronto FC
TBA CF Montréal vs Austin FC
2022-06-18 Philadelphia vs FC Cincinnati
2022-06-18 Columbus Crew vs Charlotte FC
2022-06-18 New England vs Minnesota Utd
2022-06-18 Orlando City vs Houston Dynamo
2022-06-18 Chicago Fire vs D.C. United
2022-06-18 FC Dallas vs Vancouver
2022-06-18 Real Salt Lake vs San Jose
2022-06-19 Atlanta Utd vs Inter Miami
2022-06-19 NYCFC vs Colorado Rapids
2022-06-19 Nashville vs Sporting KC
2022-06-24 FC Cincinnati vs Orlando City
2022-06-25 Seattle vs Sporting KC
2022-06-25 D.C. United vs Nashville
TBA CF Montréal vs Charlotte FC
2022-06-25 Toronto FC vs Atlanta Utd
2022-06-25 Houston Dynamo vs Chicago Fire
2022-06-25 Inter Miami vs Minnesota Utd
2022-06-25 Austin FC vs FC Dallas
2022-06-25 San Jose vs LA Galaxy
2022-06-25 Real Salt Lake vs Columbus Crew
2022-06-25 Portland Timbers vs Colorado Rapids
2022-06-26 Los Angeles FC vs NY Red Bulls
2022-06-26 Philadelphia vs NYCFC
2022-06-26 Vancouver vs New England
2022-06-29 FC Cincinnati vs NYCFC
2022-06-29 Toronto FC vs Columbus Crew
2022-06-29 Chicago Fire vs Philadelphia
2022-06-29 Seattle vs CF Montréal
2022-06-29 Portland Timbers vs Houston Dynamo
2022-06-29 Los Angeles FC vs FC Dallas
2022-06-30 Charlotte FC vs Austin FC
2022-06-30 New England vs Orlando City
2022-06-30 NY Red Bulls vs Atlanta Utd
2022-07-02 Toronto FC vs Seattle
2022-07-02 Minnesota Utd vs Real Salt Lake
2022-07-02 Vancouver vs Los Angeles FC
2022-07-03 NYCFC vs Atlanta Utd
2022-07-03 New England vs FC Cincinnati
2022-07-03 Columbus Crew vs Philadelphia
2022-07-03 Sporting KC vs NY Red Bulls
2022-07-03 Houston Dynamo vs Charlotte FC
2022-07-03 Nashville vs Portland Timbers
2022-07-03 San Jose vs Chicago Fire
2022-07-04 Orlando City vs D.C. United
2022-07-04 FC Dallas vs Inter Miami
2022-07-04 Colorado Rapids vs Austin FC
2022-07-04 LA Galaxy vs CF Montréal
2022-07-08 Philadelphia vs D.C. United
2022-07-08 Los Angeles FC vs LA Galaxy
2022-07-08 Vancouver vs Minnesota Utd
2022-07-09 NYCFC vs New England
2022-07-09 Seattle vs Portland Timbers
2022-07-09 Charlotte FC vs Nashville
2022-07-09 Atlanta Utd vs Austin FC
TBA CF Montréal vs Sporting KC
2022-07-09 Orlando City vs Inter Miami
2022-07-09 Toronto FC vs San Jose
2022-07-09 FC Cincinnati vs NY Red Bulls
2022-07-09 Chicago Fire vs Columbus Crew
2022-07-09 Houston Dynamo vs FC Dallas
2022-07-09 Real Salt Lake vs Colorado Rapids
2022-07-12 Austin FC vs Houston Dynamo
2022-07-13 Atlanta Utd vs Real Salt Lake
2022-07-13 Chicago Fire vs Toronto FC
2022-07-13 Minnesota Utd vs Sporting KC
2022-07-13 Inter Miami vs Philadelphia
2022-07-13 FC Cincinnati vs Vancouver
2022-07-13 D.C. United vs Columbus Crew
2022-07-13 Nashville vs Seattle
2022-07-13 FC Dallas vs NYCFC
2022-07-13 Colorado Rapids vs Orlando City
2022-07-13 LA Galaxy vs San Jose
TBA CF Montréal vs Toronto FC
2022-07-16 Philadelphia vs New England
2022-07-16 Minnesota Utd vs D.C. United
2022-07-16 Chicago Fire vs Seattle
2022-07-16 Inter Miami vs Charlotte FC
2022-07-16 FC Dallas vs Austin FC
2022-07-16 Colorado Rapids vs LA Galaxy
2022-07-17 Atlanta Utd vs Orlando City
2022-07-17 NY Red Bulls vs NYCFC
2022-07-17 Columbus Crew vs FC Cincinnati
2022-07-17 Nashville vs Los Angeles FC
2022-07-17 San Jose vs Houston Dynamo
2022-07-17 Real Salt Lake vs Sporting KC
2022-07-17 Portland Timbers vs Vancouver
2022-07-23 NYCFC vs Inter Miami
2022-07-23 FC Cincinnati vs Nashville
2022-07-23 Orlando City vs Philadelphia
2022-07-23 Columbus Crew vs New England
2022-07-23 Toronto FC vs Charlotte FC
2022-07-23 D.C. United vs CF Montréal
2022-07-23 Houston Dynamo vs Minnesota Utd
2022-07-23 Sporting KC vs Los Angeles FC
2022-07-23 Seattle vs Colorado Rapids
2022-07-23 Vancouver vs Chicago Fire
2022-07-23 Real Salt Lake vs FC Dallas
2022-07-23 Portland Timbers vs San Jose
2022-07-24 Austin FC vs NY Red Bulls
2022-07-24 LA Galaxy vs Atlanta Utd
2022-07-29 San Jose vs Real Salt Lake
2022-07-29 Los Angeles FC vs Seattle
2022-07-30 Minnesota Utd vs Portland Timbers
2022-07-30 Chicago Fire vs Atlanta Utd
2022-07-30 NY Red Bulls vs Colorado Rapids
2022-07-30 Charlotte FC vs Columbus Crew
TBA CF Montréal vs NYCFC
2022-07-30 Philadelphia vs Houston Dynamo
2022-07-30 Nashville vs Vancouver
2022-07-30 Inter Miami vs FC Cincinnati
2022-07-30 New England vs Toronto FC
2022-07-30 Sporting KC vs Austin FC
2022-07-30 FC Dallas vs LA Galaxy
2022-07-31 D.C. United vs Orlando City
2022-08-02 Seattle vs FC Dallas
2022-08-03 Charlotte FC vs D.C. United
2022-08-03 Columbus Crew vs CF Montréal
2022-08-03 Portland Timbers vs Nashville
2022-08-03 LA Galaxy vs Minnesota Utd
2022-08-03 San Jose vs Inter Miami
2022-08-05 Vancouver vs Houston Dynamo
2022-08-06 Atlanta Utd vs Seattle
2022-08-06 Charlotte FC vs Chicago Fire
TBA CF Montréal vs Inter Miami
2022-08-06 Columbus Crew vs NYCFC
2022-08-06 FC Cincinnati vs Philadelphia
2022-08-06 D.C. United vs NY Red Bulls
2022-08-06 Orlando City vs New England
2022-08-06 Nashville vs Toronto FC
2022-08-06 Sporting KC vs LA Galaxy
2022-08-06 Austin FC vs San Jose
2022-08-06 Colorado Rapids vs Minnesota Utd
2022-08-06 Real Salt Lake vs Los Angeles FC
2022-08-06 Portland Timbers vs FC Dallas
2022-08-13 NY Red Bulls vs Orlando City
2022-08-13 FC Cincinnati vs Atlanta Utd
2022-08-13 New England vs D.C. United
2022-08-13 Toronto FC vs Portland Timbers
2022-08-13 Philadelphia vs Chicago Fire
2022-08-13 Inter Miami vs NYCFC
2022-08-13 Houston Dynamo vs CF Montréal
2022-08-13 FC Dallas vs San Jose
2022-08-13 Austin FC vs Sporting KC
2022-08-13 Colorado Rapids vs Columbus Crew
2022-08-13 LA Galaxy vs Vancouver
2022-08-13 Los Angeles FC vs Charlotte FC
2022-08-14 Nashville vs Minnesota Utd
2022-08-14 Seattle vs Real Salt Lake
2022-08-16 NYCFC vs Charlotte FC
2022-08-17 Atlanta Utd vs NY Red Bulls
2022-08-17 Toronto FC vs New England
2022-08-17 FC Dallas vs Philadelphia
2022-08-17 Vancouver vs Colorado Rapids
2022-08-17 Los Angeles FC vs D.C. United
2022-08-19 LA Galaxy vs Seattle
2022-08-20 NY Red Bulls vs FC Cincinnati
TBA CF Montréal vs New England
2022-08-20 D.C. United vs Philadelphia
2022-08-20 Minnesota Utd vs Austin FC
2022-08-20 Inter Miami vs Toronto FC
2022-08-20 Colorado Rapids vs Houston Dynamo
2022-08-20 San Jose vs Los Angeles FC
2022-08-20 Real Salt Lake vs Vancouver
2022-08-21 Chicago Fire vs NYCFC
2022-08-21 Columbus Crew vs Atlanta Utd
2022-08-21 Charlotte FC vs Orlando City
2022-08-21 Sporting KC vs Portland Timbers
2022-08-21 Nashville vs FC Dallas
2022-08-26 Austin FC vs Los Angeles FC
2022-08-26 Portland Timbers vs Seattle
2022-08-27 Minnesota Utd vs Houston Dynamo
2022-08-27 NY Red Bulls vs Inter Miami
2022-08-27 Philadelphia vs Colorado Rapids
2022-08-27 FC Cincinnati vs Columbus Crew
2022-08-27 Sporting KC vs San Jose
2022-08-27 FC Dallas vs Real Salt Lake
2022-08-27 Vancouver vs Nashville
2022-08-28 Atlanta Utd vs D.C. United
2022-08-28 Chicago Fire vs CF Montréal
2022-08-28 Charlotte FC vs Toronto FC
2022-08-28 Orlando City vs NYCFC
2022-08-28 New England vs LA Galaxy
TBA CF Montréal vs NY Red Bulls
2022-08-31 New England vs Chicago Fire
2022-08-31 Toronto FC vs LA Galaxy
2022-08-31 Columbus Crew vs Inter Miami
2022-08-31 Orlando City vs Seattle
2022-08-31 Philadelphia vs Atlanta Utd
2022-08-31 Houston Dynamo vs Los Angeles FC
2022-08-31 Nashville vs Colorado Rapids
2022-08-31 Austin FC vs Portland Timbers
2022-08-31 Real Salt Lake vs Minnesota Utd
2022-09-03 Minnesota Utd vs FC Dallas
2022-09-03 NY Red Bulls vs Philadelphia
2022-09-03 D.C. United vs Colorado Rapids
2022-09-03 FC Cincinnati vs Charlotte FC
2022-09-03 Columbus Crew vs Chicago Fire
2022-09-03 Nashville vs Austin FC
2022-09-04 Portland Timbers vs Atlanta Utd
2022-09-04 Toronto FC vs CF Montréal
2022-09-04 LA Galaxy vs Sporting KC
2022-09-04 New England vs NYCFC
2022-09-04 Inter Miami vs Orlando City
2022-09-04 Seattle vs Houston Dynamo
2022-09-04 San Jose vs Vancouver
2022-09-04 Los Angeles FC vs Real Salt Lake
2022-09-07 NYCFC vs FC Cincinnati
TBA CF Montréal vs Columbus Crew
2022-09-09 NY Red Bulls vs New England
2022-09-10 Nashville vs LA Galaxy
2022-09-10 Charlotte FC vs NYCFC
2022-09-10 Philadelphia vs Orlando City
2022-09-10 FC Cincinnati vs San Jose
2022-09-10 Atlanta Utd vs Toronto FC
2022-09-10 Seattle vs Austin FC
2022-09-10 Chicago Fire vs Inter Miami
2022-09-10 Houston Dynamo vs Sporting KC
2022-09-10 FC Dallas vs Los Angeles FC
2022-09-10 Real Salt Lake vs D.C. United
2022-09-10 Colorado Rapids vs Vancouver
2022-09-10 Portland Timbers vs Minnesota Utd
TBA CF Montréal vs Chicago Fire
2022-09-13 Minnesota Utd vs Los Angeles FC
2022-09-13 Houston Dynamo vs New England
2022-09-13 Austin FC vs Real Salt Lake
2022-09-13 Inter Miami vs Columbus Crew
2022-09-13 Sporting KC vs D.C. United
2022-09-14 Orlando City vs Atlanta Utd
2022-09-14 Vancouver vs LA Galaxy
2022-09-14 Colorado Rapids vs San Jose
2022-09-16 San Jose vs FC Dallas
2022-09-16 NYCFC vs NY Red Bulls
2022-09-17 Atlanta Utd vs Philadelphia
2022-09-17 Orlando City vs Toronto FC
2022-09-17 New England vs CF Montréal
2022-09-17 Chicago Fire vs Charlotte FC
2022-09-17 Sporting KC vs Minnesota Utd
2022-09-17 Austin FC vs Nashville
2022-09-17 Real Salt Lake vs FC Cincinnati
2022-09-17 Vancouver vs Seattle
2022-09-17 LA Galaxy vs Colorado Rapids
2022-09-18 Columbus Crew vs Portland Timbers
2022-09-18 D.C. United vs Inter Miami
2022-09-18 Los Angeles FC vs Houston Dynamo
2022-09-30 Toronto FC vs Inter Miami
2022-09-30 San Jose vs Minnesota Utd
2022-10-01 New England vs Atlanta Utd
2022-10-01 Colorado Rapids vs FC Dallas
2022-10-01 NYCFC vs Orlando City
2022-10-01 Charlotte FC vs Philadelphia
TBA CF Montréal vs D.C. United
2022-10-01 Columbus Crew vs NY Red Bulls
2022-10-01 FC Cincinnati vs Chicago Fire
2022-10-01 Vancouver vs Austin FC
2022-10-01 LA Galaxy vs Real Salt Lake
2022-10-02 Portland Timbers vs Los Angeles FC
2022-10-02 Sporting KC vs Seattle
2022-10-02 Nashville vs Houston Dynamo
2022-10-08 Chicago Fire vs New England
2022-10-08 NY Red Bulls vs Charlotte FC
2022-10-08 Inter Miami vs CF Montréal
2022-10-08 Atlanta Utd vs NYCFC
2022-10-08 D.C. United vs FC Cincinnati
2022-10-08 Philadelphia vs Toronto FC
2022-10-08 Orlando City vs Columbus Crew
2022-10-09 Seattle vs San Jose
2022-10-09 Los Angeles FC vs Nashville
2022-10-09 Real Salt Lake vs Portland Timbers
2022-10-09 Austin FC vs Colorado Rapids
2022-10-09 Minnesota Utd vs Vancouver
2022-10-09 Houston Dynamo vs LA Galaxy
2022-10-09 FC Dallas vs Sporting KC

2022 MLS Schedule: Key Dates

  • The regular season begins on February 26, 2022, and ends on October 9 of the same year.
  • The first opener game of the season is between Philadelphia and Minnesa Utd on February 26.
  • The playoffs are expected to start in the last two weeks of October and the final game of the postseason will be on November 5, 2022.
  • New expansion team Charlotte FC will debut on February 26, 2022 in a game against DC United on the road at Audi Field.

2022 MLS TV Channel: Live Stream and Local TV

Most of the 926 games will be available live stream through FuboTV, the service offers HD and 4K stream and a 7-day free trial for new subscribers. Other services also offer live streaming in the US like Youtube Live and Amazon Prime.

The big TV networks will also offer the 2022 MLS season games throughout the year, one is ESPN that leads the TV channels with the most games available, but other networks such as ABC, FOX, FS1 and Univision will also offer some games during the season.