The MLS fascinating development allowed the US to become an even more interesting place for soccer fans, players and managers. That amazing growth that the sport has lived became a decisive factor for people involved in the world of soccer to be thrilled for joining to its improvement.

A number of world-class soccer figures have been around the MLS, helping to put the league even higher. The important role that footballers well-known around the world have played for the US competition also opened the doors for different incomes not only for the players but for managers too. But how much do the MLS coaches make?

ZipRecruiter did a remarkable research to answer that question. The coaches salaries may be different depending on the person or the club, of course, but this facts are important to get a more clear idea. Find out what is the average salary for an MLS coach in 2021

The salary for an MLS coach in 2021

According to ZipRecruiter, the annual salary for a coach working in an MLS franchise can rise up to $100,000 and go down to $23,000. That's an important difference that may be decided upon the manager's status, background and current results, and also the squad that he's coaching at the moment, of course.

However, ZipRecruiter went further and found that the average salary for an MLS manager ranges between $37,000 and $76,000, while the highest-paid coaches usually receive around $98,000. These are mind-blowing figures, and there can be a conclusion about what the average salary for a manager working on the MLS. 

The average annual salary for an MLS coach in 2021 is $59,870, as ZipRecruiter found out. Moreover, monthly it would be $4,989 per month, and $1,151 weekly. Not bad figures for those working in this position, although it's not the same for every manager, as there are some that get higher sums or others that receive less. 

Former world-class striker Thierry Henry currently coaches Montreal Impact (Getty).